Monday, December 30, 2013

Wacom Inkling Test

There are a lot of images here.  I got this new Wacom Inkling pen for Christmas and I was testing it out.  It took me a couple of pages of doodling to figure it out.  Not that it is real difficult, but flew a little bit by the seat of my pants at first.  Since it is designed to eliminate the need to scan images in I thought it would be interesting to compare the scanned image with the image as it was captured by the Wacom.  So I posted both for you to review.

This first page went completely uncaptured.  I included it because my deal with you is to share my sketch pad.
This you can see for some reason there is an issue with the line work lining up.  See the bald guy's eyes and double stroking the lines.
The main thing I noticed on this page was for some reason the Inkling didn't capture the "u" in the "your".
This grouping of Happy New Year's celebration was done using the layer function.  You can't tell her but when it is uploaded to the reader you can eliminate layers.  Here I just included them all.  I also drew higher up on the paper and you can see the natural margin of the Inkling reader didn't pick it up.  The bottom half was done by coming back later and starting a separate page on the Inkling.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Card Thought Process 2013

 You've already seen the Christmas card that never got mailed.  These are the sketches that lead to the card's creation.  Some how I went from a dialog between two trees on a Christmas tree farm to yard inflatables, to absurd inflatables.   Of the the decorations people put out for Christmas I like the inflatables the least.

On my drive home from Christmas at the in-laws I was listening to a re-run of last year's year end Prairie Home Companion and they did a skit of two trees on a tree lot talking to one another.  I swear I drew this long before I heard the skit.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Farewell Facebook - My Open Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook, We Need To Talk. It's Not You, It's Me.

December 22, 2013 at 2:22pm
Facebook, you came into my life in 2009.  Wow, nearly 5 years now.  At first you were cool, neat and even a bit mysterious.  Over time I learned more and more about you.  I discovered how to find and connect with people I'd long forgotten.  People who I'm sure had completely forgotten me.  I searched for names of people who had passed through my life.  It was my curiosity and a bit of my personality flaw to enjoy searching (I' would have made a great treasure hunter).  At the point of discovering that lost name, we'd do the dog dance.  You know that bit of walking around each other, sniffing each other over...of course there was no actual sniffing online but we'd exchange cordial greetings, and request the proverbial update.  We'd share the highlights (some shared way more of the lowlights to the point of making me depressed more than I normally am).  We'd look over each other's minimal collection of photos, because in the beginning most people hadn't shared much.

These connections grew and expanded to really forgotten names connected to the formally forgotten names, so forgotten I had to either look them up in a dusty yearbook or just accept I'd known them at one point.  Never absolutely certain.  Then the connecting seemed to take on a kind of hording mentality.  A new sport was created.  How many forgotten names can I connect with.  It was easy then.  Just start asking everyone and anyone associated with another name or dug up from memory.  The connections grew and grew.

As the hours, days, and months passed the excited small talk of re-connecting faded.  The mundane and idiotic started to grow and saturate my news/update feeds.  Pictures of foods, pets and kids.  Self congratulatory messages and bragging became the norm.  I continued to marvel over what comments spurred the most feed back and comments, likes and shares.  I've yet to figure out why one person's statement about breaking a shoe lace this morning would get 100 "oh sweetie that's too bad", "Yea I know the feeling", "I'm sorry", "LOL, wear loafers" and another 100 shares, but a comment about current events, socially, nationally significant and insightful thngs get at best a couple of "LIKES".  I once even tested this observation by posting sequential post about pulling into the garage, rushing to the bathroom, enjoying a satisfying poo and the sadness of the good-bye flush.  This series of post yielded more response (eventual censoring by my loving and concerned wife), then a post previously made about some real event.

I eventually concluded I needed to cull my "friends" to those who's comments I enjoyed the most.  I started adding connections to companies who's service or products I enjoyed reading about.  Now I get more advertising self imposed upon me than I care to admit.

Yes, I know there have been times when you could assume I love you FB.  I posted drunk, or during a football game.  While enjoying a cigar or relaxing alone.  Maybe it was just me reaching out for companionship.  Maybe I'm the classic self described loner who really isn't.

FB you've forever ruined my desire to attend any type of reunion.  I've seen and heard whatever would of made be inclined to attend.  There are forgotten names that I've never been able to find in your mass of humanity.  I'm not sure if these individuals have foregone your allure or I'm not really good at finding them.  I think the former, because neither have they reached out to me.

I tried to use you to grow awareness for a business.  This fell flat with a total of 33 LIKES of which very rarely do any of them acknowledge or comment upon my "business" page.  They are merely strangers who I've rub shoulders in a crowd.  No more significant.  I even tried to use you to connect everyone sharing my last name.  While I collected over 100 it never really became anything resembling a community.

So, after 3 years I'm going to break this relationship off.  I'm going to make a clean break in 2014.  I wanted to share this before I deleted you from my life because obviously you'd never see this after the fact.  It's been interesting.  I'm sure I'm forever change by you being a part of my life, but I just don't think we need to continue. It is best for me and I'm sure you will realize it to be good for you in the long run.  We just are not right for one another.  Really, it's not you.  It's me.  I'm sorry.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Card For 2013 - Blog Exclusive Release

Well here ya go  My 2013 Christmas card.  Feel honored because only you, my blog followers, will have the pleasure of enjoying it.  When I went to print it my printer decided to crap out on me.  Actually it threw an error message and I can't fix.  Well that is not actually 100% correct.  I fixed twice, not sure how, only to have it throw the same error message when I tried to feed card stock again.  It's never done this before.  I've had the thing for nearly 10 years.  Why it decided to do it now I have no idea.

For the uninitiated, this is the mock up so it will print on a 8.5 x 11 card stock that is folded to make a portrait 5.5 x 8.5 card.  So the image on the lower left is actually on the lower back. It is my logo, which if you read past Christmas card postings will recall I tweak a bit to fit the theme of the card front.  Since this one focuses on those stupid yard inflatables my logo is plugged in and leaking air.  


Monday, December 9, 2013

God, Not The Only Creator. I Just Created This Creature.

boon cartoon boondoggle boondawgoggle creation playing God like
 Who said God is the only one who can create life.  Here is proof positive that is forms of life can be created by others.  I just created a new animal.  It is so new science is still trying to identify any associated genus and species.

It just appear in the animal kingdom and over two pages of sketch pad has begun to evolve and take the shape that will become familiar to everyone eventually.

Cute and adorable animals sell cartoons.  What could be more cute than this huggable little creature?

Oh Shit It's Christmas Again!

boon cartoon boondoggle boondawgoggle
Recognized the other day it is time to start focusing on Christmas card ideas.  I'm so not in the mood or spirit of the holiday.  Surprise, surprise (sarcasm).  Which seems to be a pretty normal state of mind for this time of year...reference past blog post in December.   I have absolutely no I just start doing some word association and see what comes.  Current status - NOTHING!  Stay tuned.
boon cartoon boondoggle boondawgoggle card ideas

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pilgrim Brings Axe, Turkey Brings Gun - Thanksgiving Tradition Changes

I had this Thanksgiving inspired idea.  My intention was to make it my cover photo on my Boondawgoggle Facebook page.  It never made it further than a few pages of my sketch pad.  Rather than bore you with each page as its own image I decided to make a collage.

The joke/gag was the you don't bring a axe to a gun fight with a turkey.

Exercising Obsessed Mom Can't Handle The Truth

exercising mom
One of my Facebook "friends" started posting her daily workout status.  She established earlier on that she was going to challenge herself to do some workout every day for 30 days in a row.  The entire month of November.  I followed these post and noticed there were some who would comment the expected comments, "way to go", "keep it up", "whew, you are making me tired"...all well deserved, but no one was giving her the kind of comments that might inspire her to push harder, like: "is that all you go?", "hmm, only 10 miles", "come on get back in the gym and off FB!"

There did come a day when she posted she was not able to workout due to some conflict.   And still no real comments to motivate her.  This post got me to thinking, what was the intent behind her post?  Was it to keep herself on track.  Was it to publicly "brag" or "show off" (felt that was unlikely).  Was it hoped to receive some accountability, as in her friends would keep her on track if she were to expose her success and failures and when she was not able to motivate herself get some motivation from her friends.   I took her intent to to be the latter and since no one else was taking up the call to action I felt I needed to.

Having been a workout obsessed individual in my youth, I understood the value of knowing there was someone at the gym expecting you to be there.  You relied on them and they relied on you.  If you were ever to not show up you'd catch hell and equally you'd give hell.   During the workout if you were showing signs of weakness or a desire to "puss" out you expected your workout buddy to push you that extra bit.

So with this level of accountability in mind I proceeded to call her out on her moment of weakness.  Well guess I misunderstood her objective.  From her response it seemed to me that she took it more personally as she attempted to make excuses and justifications for her missed day.  I kind of expected her to just do what a guy would do, "yea I'm a big puss, but I'll show you next time asshole!"   Then her other friends, all girls, were all like, "it's okay", "you're trying really hard", "I'm sure you deserved a day off"...yadayada.

REALLY!!!  Jeez..  Just goes to show you there is a huge difference in guys and girls.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Men Would Shave If Women Stopped Shaving

Boon cartoons cartoonist for hire beard no shave November facial hair
When you work from home, which typically means you don't have many social interactions, it is easy to let some of your normal daily personal up keep and hygiene practices slide.  So just about every week is some form of No Shave with no excuse other than being lazy.

 I'm sure this Movember or No Shave November thing is not popular with the ladies, in general.  Most women don't really care for facial hair.  It just makes most guys look sloppy and aged.  For the younger males, who are just getting there first few whiskers, they mostly look like they have dirt on their face.  My red headed, 18 year old son, for example, has a spotty, thin hint of facial hair and really just looks like he has red clay stains on his face (since we live in the red clay state that is highly probable).

I'm sure this whole thing of not shaving in November to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers, both strictly male issues, was a response to the wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer.  The wear pink thing some how successfully infiltrated great male bastions of maleness like football and NASCAR, and men didn't like it.  In football it has trickled all the way down to the pee-wee level of football.  Little boys wearing pink socks to play football.  Kids so young they won't understand the thrill of a boob grope for another 8-10 years.  How could this of happened?

One thing for sure, the No Shave November will come to a screeching halt if women start setting their collective razors aside and let the forest of hair take over their legs, pits and nether regions.  Maybe guys need to just adopt a color for the cause.  How about some shade of green, the typical color a guy turns when your nuts have been kicked or your prostate squeezed.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Myself Getting The Best Of Me, Where Was I

 I've got multiple balls in the air right now and not really in the mood to wow you with my stinging wit and deep insights.  So enjoy these couple of pages from my sketch pad.

Who am I kidding?  I'm the only one reading this.  I don't get the impression, hell evidence, that anyone else is reading my blog.  It is like what I do most of the time when I'm by myself...I talk and carry on elaborate conversations...just with me.  That's what this blog has become, just more of me talking to myself.  I see so many other blogs out there that have
engaged followers.   One's that comment and add to the blogger's dialog.  A lot of the comments that have been posted on my blog are posted by me.

So I guess if I don't want to talk to myself or if myself doesn't want to hear from me, it is up to me to Shut the Fuck UP!!!!
Myself starts whispering in the back of my head, "then just shut up."
"Okay, Okay...I hear you loud and clear.  It's not like I have nothing to do!", responds Me.
Myself barks back, "THEN STOP TYPING!!  JUST STOP!"
"It's like I can't.  I have to respond, I can't let Myself have the last word.", says Me
"Idiot!", retorts Myself, "Your just a sad little idiot."
"Well Fuck you too, you self absorbed, control freak!!", Me shouts as he clicks save and publishes the blog post.

Where the hell was I during all this?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Evolution of a Greeting Card - Buy Christmas Cards Now

Boon cartoons greeting card wedding new year's eveBoon cartoons greeting card wedding new year's eveBoon cartoons greeting card wedding new year's eve

Above from left to right is the progression of the birth of a greeting card.  It started with a simple request for a card to provide congratulations to someone who has their wedding schedule for New Year's Eve.  So a rough sketch of an idea was made.  Essentially this is just getting the visual in my head to the paper to see how it looks.  I like the concept so I roughed up a sketch in non-photo blue to establish placement and scale.  I did a couple of these before settling on this one.  Then I ink over the rough with a dip pen and India ink.  This gets scanned in, cleaned up and color and dialog elements were added in Photoshop to create the final image.  You can buy this greeting card at One Guy Drawing Cards.

Don't forget to check out the Christmas cards.  Click on the tab at the top of the blog to see the whole collection.  

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween - Time to Cobble Together a Costume

Every year I do the same thing.  I wait to the last minute to put together a costume.  Interesting enough though I usually wind up winning the contest or being recognized as the creepiest, scary guy on the block.  I'm doing the same thing today.  My mind keeps coming up with a little twist here, an idea there, and tweak it again.  I've got 4 or 5 hours to prepare.

I want some beer right now also.  Guess I'll be making a run to the liquor store.  I better do that before I get into costume.  It just dawned on me though I'll have to be in costume to get my son from practice tonight.  Boy, he's gonna love that.....HA HA HA HA HAHHHHHHAAAAAA.

Here's your sketch pad page for the day:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Battle of Inner Personalities - Have My Failures Lead to My Success?

boon cartoons, pumpkin, thanksgiving, boobs, witch
 I've got a real strong creative urge going on the last few days.  Which should be a blessing but it is in complete conflict with my stern, task master of needs to be done to make money.  Oh, the money thing again.  Yea, the money thing and the creative thing are battling it out.  I'm completely out of sync right now.  Here I am typing away while just off my right shoulder sits my laptop suspended in mid-task, waiting for me to complete something more directly related to financial survival.  All I want to do is paint something, create something.  Anything, I don't care.
boon cartoons, pencil, cartoonist for hire
I used to dream of wealth, and a flamboyant life style I've seen in movies and actually participated in on occasion as being the norm in my life.  But now I can't imagine what it would be like to live that way, how weird it seems, how alien.  I might be caught saying or thinking that things just didn't work out.  I had this thought today that from other's perspective my life seems pretty good.  I would even venture from my wife's perspective we live a good life.  Sure she can also dream of bigger and more elaborate life style, but again would she and I both be fish out of water? In a way I wonder if you get what you sub-consciously really want out of life or do you just become comfortable with where you get?  Can you even be a fair judge of your own position in life?  Maybe I am a success and just fail to recognize it.

I read an article the other day that failure is the most important ingredient to success.  Yea, I've heard this before and I've said it many times.  The angle taken in this article was your chance will come around but you have to have your hand in the air to be picked when it does, so just keep you hand up. I might of paraphrased that poorly so here is the link to the article: Scott Adams' Article

I feel I've had my fair share of failure and no lack of sticking my hand up to be picked.  I'll will say it is frustrating to recognize that it is a numbers a game and you just have to wait for your number.  Of course what do all those poor saps that never achieve success have to say about failure...didn't work out to well for them.  On many a tomb stone should be carved "He died with his hand in the air.  He got picked for the wrong thing one more time."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Creepy Doodle Turns Into Facebook Cover Photo

 I scribbled or doodled this buggy eyed, creepy dude while on the phone and decided to invest a little time on Photoshop to spruce it and use it for my Facebook cover photo, on my person account.  I might change it up some and make it my cover photo for Boon's Facebook, now that I have the calibrations for the cover and profile photos and a PS template.  I didn't use the template for this though.

Friday, October 25, 2013

No Pictures From My Youth, No Visual Proof Of What I Say

boon cartoonist for hire, peace sign, mountain, smiley face
When I wore a younger man's clothes I looked much different than I do today.  I've tried to explain to my sons this fact but I know it is hard for them to envision their old, nearly 50 year old dad as a bulked up 18 year old with a 47 inch chest and 32 inch waist.  There aren't any pictures from then except for the requisite family holiday pose.  We just didn't take a lot of pictures, and a "selfy" wasn't really invented yet.   So there is no way to share that part of my life with them.

To be fair I don't recall ever seeing very many, if any, pictures of my parents as kids and young adults aside from the yearbook head shots, so my kids shouldn't feel jilted in anyway.  But their kids, yea they will see every day of my sons' life.  It may take them hours or days to file through all the snap shots, home video, phone pictures and videos, selfies, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like but they will have a very clear picture.  It may not be a great thing.  Maybe memories are better than captured reality.

*** Oh, by the way I'm now a 43 inch chest and 33 inch waist.  Not too bad.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Charlie Brown's - It's The Great Pumpkin; A Boomer Favorite, but Antique to Kids Now

Since I don't have a TV guide (I really miss that weekly newspaper insert of my youth, so much easier than the cable provided guide channel, but I digress) I went to Google and searched when the Charlie Brown Halloween special would be on. I found that ABC is going to broadcast it on Halloween night. My first thought and frustration was who is going to be home to watch it? Everyone is out gathering candy and scaring little kids. Then it dawned on me that ABC must either know or feel that the only ones interested in watching the classic Great Pumpkin is adults, older baby boomers who's kids are already moved out. For the kids of today the cartoon is so old school, so 2D, so passive that it is just a boring, quint, antique that falls in the category of old B&W TV shows.

Oh what a shame. I guess I'll have to set the old VCR up to tape it. Just after I figure out how to set the clock on that thing.

Click for ABC Schedule

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where Would Boon Live? Boonville, NC Sounds Like A Good Place.

Man I'd like to see the characters that live here.  How cool is that, an entire town called Boonville.  There must be more out there.  This one is in North Carolina.

If you live in or near a town called Boon-anything email a picture of the sign and I'll post to the blog.

This is not clickable, it is an image to prevent spammer attacks.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Boon, Cartoonist for Hire Shares Several Pages From Sketch Pad

 Just things that I've been doodling lately.  Other than this and work, I've been fighting a computer virus that prevented me from posting.  I think I have the virus fixed so you get a lump of catch up pages.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sales Is Digging Through Shit for Nickels

Boon cartoonist for hire draws cartoon kids mom salesman stood up for meeting
It's a numbers game.  That is what you hear all the time in most sales literature and training.  Basically, it means there is no real way to determine who is going to buy and who isn't so you just need to keep looking, and asking, and eventually you'll find the one that will buy.  Quite frankly I find that idea an insult to intelligence.  Yea I understand the logic it just seems more like something the upper level executives of an organization say to keep the idiot sales force plodding along.  It's the same logic used by Generals in the military.  Throw enough troops at the problem and surely enough will survive to achieve the objective.  Sales is the only aspect of an organization where failure on such a large scale is tolerated.  Think about it.  In the manufacturing side, would they ever accept a 20% success ratio where 80% of the things you made were defective?  Would even the mail room accept that only 20% of the mail they send out gets to its intended target.  Enough said, I could go on all day...sales is just a shit job for people with marginal intelligence and a desire to have their self worth affirmed regularly by strangers.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Phone Aggrevation

Boon Cartoonist for hire doodles phone handsets
I do just about all my work on the phone as far as selling and working with clients.  I got fixated on hand sets the other day.  Trying to work out the perspective and look.  It's like trying to draw a car to me.  I just don't find it easy.

What got me stuck is someone asked me to work on a Saturday and it was all I could do not to scream at them, "Hell NO!  It's football season."  So I wanted to draw this quick sketch but it turned into a full page effort to perfect the handset.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Worms - Remember Disecting Them In High School

Boon cartoonist for hire draws gags using worms
More worm gags.  Now your entire 10th grade rant about when the hell are you ever going to use the stuff you had to memorize and learn in biology when you were dissecting those giant earth worms has been all blown to hell.  Cause today, yes, you will need to know some worm anatomy to get the gag.

All You Need To Do Is Follow The Worms

boon cartoonist for hire draws gags about early bird gets the worm
Well I promote myself as being just a little bit quirky.  Here's some more evidence of that personality flaw.  Sometimes I get an idea and I just keep spinning things off of it. (kind of like an ear worm?) Evidently the "Early Bird Gets The Worm" is one of those ideas.  Yesterday I drew more worms than I've ever drawn.  I don't know if I'm done but here is one page from my doodle pad with a few puns or twist on the "early bird gets the worm" phrase.

"All you need to do is follow the worms.", Pink Floyd, Waiting For The Worms

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Early Bird REALLY Gets The Worm. Whoa, Dude That's Deep!

boon cartoonist for hire draws random doodles worm bird mom elephant scientist rocker
"The early bird gets the worm".  Now what does that really mean?  I'm not so sure it really means the bird actually "gets" as in catches the worm.  I really think it is deeper, as in the bird understands the worm.  He really gets him.  The early bird and worm are on the same plain of thought.  They are hip to one another.  The worm is a really deep, organic being.   Truely in touch with nature.  The bird has the unigue perspective of the big pictures, a bird's eye view of the world.  Together they understand how everything fits together.   It is this small and big picture views that make their relationship whole.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Milestone Acknowledged 10,000 Views

I passed the 10,000 blog views over the weekend.  
Hooray for me!!!  See how excited I am?  

Boon Cartoonist for HIre logo One guy drawing card cartoons humorous illustrations

Thanks to all who have visited, who keep coming back and I'm looking forward to sharing more with you.

It took 3 years and over 225 post.  
I have faith the next 10,000 will come quicker. (at least by a day)

Why Won't My Kids Run Away?

boon cartoonist of hire draws frazzled mom witch ghost broom jack o lantern
 As a mom I'm often frazzled to the point I wish my kids would run away.  Since that never seems to occur then the only solution I'm left with is running away myself.  Now I could pack my bags, drain what little I have in the bank account and disappear. I've seen enough spy and international crime movies to be able to figure out how to vanish. Yet leaving the house never seems the best option, so I have a daily back up plan.  Pull out a corkscrew and uncork a bottle of wine.  A couple of glasses in and I've completely left my mind.  I'm sure the kids just think I'm bitch some days.  Well I hate them too!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The World is Full of Special People - Idiots Really

Many times I feel either like I'm the most disconnected, illogical individual in the world or the world is just full of complete idiots.  We have a new public library near my home.  It just opened and I happened to be driving by and thought I'd pop in and check it out.  They have a parking area especially designated, by signage, for low emission, fuel efficient cars.  Cool, I whip my very compliant Fiat into a spot. Upon walking away from my car I notice the car in the space next to me has its engine running.  I step over to the car to investigate.  No one in it, and sure enough the engine is just purring along. 

So here is where the world just doesn't make any sense to me.  I get to the main desk and wait for someone to appear.  When they do I share the information about the car running in the low emission parking spot and I thought maybe the owner might want to know.  The only response I get is, "I wonder if it could be one of our employees?"  Why the hell that matters is beyond me, but I leave it at that and proceed to tour the new facility.
Two things struck me as just illogical.  One, there are people there, moms and kids mostly and then I recognize they are all teaching.  And it dawned on me these must all be "home schoolers".  Isn't home schooling supposed to occur at home?  It seems the government has built a really large library with numerous study rooms to accommodate "home schoolers".  Isn't that considered a school?  Two, I did want to see a particular book, a reference book.  I didn't see the reference area so I approached the "Information Desk".  I inquired of the location of the book.  I was told I can get that online at the library website we don't have the book here.  Hmmm?  Isn't the library supposed to have books?  I turn and depart and as I reach the doors to exit I realize the entire time I was there not one single announcement was broadcast in the library to inform the owner of the car parked in the GREEN ZONE their engine is running. 

Today will be marked as the first and last visit to the new library funded by my contribution to the SPECIAL PURPOSE LOCAL OPTION TAX where I've figured out SPECIAL refers more to the people associated with the purpose than the purpose itself.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Humans Suck At Managing Nature

boon cartoonist for hire draws animals pig dog duck gofer fish bird cat
One of my Facebook friends posted a picture of a group of deer standing in a neighbor's yard.  She commented, "Beautiful sight in the neighborhood this morning."  I would agree and I do enjoy seeing animals; deer, rabbits, squirrels, bear (not seen one but how cool), gophers and beavers (I said beaver heee-heee, god I'm juvenile).  After I appreciated and "LIKED" her picture the thought popped into my head that this is exactly the kind of picture that will prompt some pro-hunter type to justify hunting with some comment to the extent of "hunters provide a valuable service of population control".   That without hunters annually going out and killing deer that we would be over run with deer.

Population control?  Really.  I'm pretty sure Mother Nature has a way of dealing with over population.  It is called starvation.  Allocation of resources, good old supply/demand and survival of the fittest.  These have worked for eons to balance out populations of everything.  I don't see sitting in a tree with a high power scope and sniper rifle, 200 yards down field of a deer as a qualified form of population control.  Face it you just like to kill stuff.

If you want to control the population of certain animals than simply stop manicuring nature. Unfortunately or fortunately, humans have created environments that not only we enjoy and feel comfortable in, but so do a lot of other animals.  We've created more and easier food opportunities.  We've created cover and hiding places that are very conducive to all these animals.    To say humans must kill extra animals to prevent them from starving is ass backwards.  It isn't over population.  The population has just risen to a natural level in line with food and shelter opportunities.

Funny thing about nature is it has a way to fill voids and find its own level.  You push on one side and a bulge appears on the other.  It is a zero sum game.  I heard the other day that the population of rattlesnakes is increasing.  Why?  Because we have successfully hunted rattle snakes.  How could this be?  Well the way rattle snakes are hunted is you walk around and listen for the rattle.  When you hear one you zero in on it and snatch it up.  What this has ultimately created is a perfect opportunity for all the rattle snakes with weak, silent rattles to survive and multiple.  So now we have more rattle snakes but fewer that we can actually hear or receive warning from and hence more people are and will be bitten by one.  Way to go humans.

Humans are notoriously poor managers of nature.  The fact that we've been able to manufacture and sculpt these animal oasis into the natural world is not only a testament to our power within our environment, but an arrogance and stupidity of the limits of our power.  We do all this and expect nature to just yield to our view of how it should be. Nature is not going to leave a void or unexploited resource it is just not its way.  It is just not reasonable to expect our environment to be sterile of other living things.  Even your home, your little safe, sterile space is just an illusion of control.  Open your doors and nature will come in.  Plants, bugs and animals.  Nature will not relent to human management because we suck as managers of nature.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mural Done For Kids Room

boon cartoonist for hire paints mural for kids room jungle scene monkey elephants

This is a wall in a kids room.  I bet it measures 12 foot long by 8 foot high.  Some air brushing involved.  Took a weekend.

Large Format Signs and Murals - Grocery Store Promotions

I did a lot of special promotion sign work for Publix.  These are just a few that were used in store.  The fun shack was for summer goods display, the two kids promoted the use of some loyalty card, the football player was for a Super Bowl display of Pepsi, and the lower right was used as a sign carried during some charity walk.

Large Format Murals and Signs - Grocery Department Signs

I used to do a lot of large format work.  Signs, displays in Publix grocery stores, murals, and promo pieces.  Most were done on 8 foot by 11 foot foam board, air brushed and cut out.   Here are some samples.  These are scanned in photos so there is some glare.

These are signs created for four department - (clockwise) Sea Food, Meat, Bakery, Produce