Thursday, September 9, 2010

We are such a bubble wrap socieity..we can't save everyone.

There is this effort going on now to support a Federal law creating a graduated drivers license to reduce teen auto deaths. There is a Facebook page dedicated to this cause called Save11, that is a reference to the 11 teens killed daily in auto crashes.

Loosing a child period is horrible, no matter the cause. But I can't help but look deeper into the numbers of an effort to create a Federal law that will impact a huge population. According to the CDC 7% of the US population is between the ages of 15 and 19. That's about 21 million. I've seen other numbers that suggest it might be closer to 15 million. It is a stat that about 4000 teens die in auto accidents a year. Looking at stats put out the US Dept of Tranportation 28% of teens killed in auto accidents were alcohol related. If you back out the alcohol related driving deaths, you are left with 2880 who die from inmature, novice driver cause. That is only .014% of the teen population. Do we really need a national law to protect .014% of the teen population? Or put another way do we really need a law to punish 99.986% of the teens that have been doing it right?