Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Girl Walking 2185 Miles in 111 Days, ALONE

Thru Hike the Long Trails of America
hiker alone accept the sounds of the dark woods.
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It is without a doubt my long held aspiration to thru hike the AT (Appalachian Trail).  I wanted to share this one Thru Hiker's Blog.

This young lady, trail name Wired, just finished her 2185 mile hike yesterday after 111 days on the trail.  She updated a blog daily with wit, candor, and pictures sharing her day to day trials, tribulations (like her monthly periods) and triumphs along with the characters and players that make an AT thru hike an unique experience.    

Yesterday's completion of the AT makes her a triple crown long hiker having previously completed the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) and PCT (Pacific Coast Trail). 

I encourage you to start at Day One and make reading her blog the daily start to your day for the next 111 days.

Walking With Wired: Day 111: Katahdin Baby!: The Birches Campsite(2180.1)-Mt Katahdin(2185.3) Maine Aug 5th 5.2mi + 4.3 Knife Edge=9.5mi Elevation chart courtesy of Guthook's AT...