Friday, October 26, 2012

A Mistake, Can You Find It?

I added on to this throughout the day.  I didn't intend to create a Rube Goldberg somehow from the candle it grew.  Just prior to scanning it I realized I made a stupid physics mistakes.  Can you find it.    This will never work.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Four Words A Salesman Doesn't Want to Hear

What is it with people and lying?  You are not sparing my feelings by not telling the truth.  You are only preventing me from responding more appropriately.

Being in a type of sales I experience lying constantly.  Like the doodle I did.  Do you really expect me to believe you completely forgot about what you contacted me about in the first place.  Especially after I've called and left multiple messages.  I don't know what the truth is, but I know it is not "you completely forgot".

Oh, and here is the surest sign I can give any current or aspiring sales person who uses the phone, that the prospect is a dead end.  I've witnessed this phenomena anecdotally for years, and then started tracking it earlier this year and my assumptions were confirmed.  Are you ready?  You'd never guess this.  If the person you are trying to sell to uses these four words at the end of their outgoing voice message they will never do what they say they are going to, "Have a Blessed Day".  Yep, a sure sign you will never get a straight answer if you get any answer.  You might as well give up right then.  I don't know why, but it is just the case.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bathroom Graffiti - Is it Copyrighted?

I only have half the world's perspective on the issue of bathroom graffiti.  Being a guy I, of course, have only a minimal understanding of what a girl's public bathroom looks like, basically stalls,  lots of stalls   Beyond knowing there is a toilet in every stall  I've not spent enough time in the opposite sex's stalls to comment on the graffiti, if any at all.

Men's bathrooms on the other hand I understand. We display and experience a wide variety of bathroom poets, social activist, public ridicule and slander.  Some is humorous, some mundane, some devoid of any association with intelligence.  Over the years there have been some scribbles on the walls that have remained lodged in my memory.  Why?, I don't know.  I suspect either I've seen them in a lot of different places and hence have re-read them many times over, or perhaps during periods in my life I was unfortunate enough to be a captive audience by virtue I was working somewhere and used the same bathroom.

I have thought to myself who originated some of these gems.  Is toilet text considered copyrighted.  Is it plagiarism to re-write something you read on one wall in another bathroom.  Should the original author get credit.  Should it be noted like a bibliography:

Men's room, handicap stall  
3445 West Oakland Ave, 2nd floor, Anytown, USA., 
Author: Les B. Moore, 
Seen August 12, 1978.

Most are not signed, so most would be Author: Anonymous, but if you knew you'd get credit for it maybe people would sign.

Additionally, who carries a pen around with them?  It's not like most people have jobs that demand they have a pen or marker handy all the time.  Look around in a restaurant or mall.  How many men have a pen visibly on their person?  Not many. And even if you consider the suit wearing crowd may have a pen tucked in their jacket pocket, are they really the culprits of all this bathroom literature?  Nay, don't see it.  And what about the scrawling over the urinals.  Maybe you can operate the main drain with one hand, but I'd have to say you are pretty talented if you can piss and write at the same time.  Barring the talents of a few men, (which the lack there of may account for all the piss on the floor, they aren't really as talented as they think and don't care about pee soaked shoes) someone would have to finish their business and then take additional time standing in front of the urinal to write something.  How do they know no one is about to come in.  I don't recall reading a lot of unfinished writings, so most people must get them done.

I'd be curious if what I've seen has been seen my others.  Also, I'd like to know what others have seen that I've not.  I don't know this but sure seems like someone would of put a book together documenting these toilet treasures.  But then again after presenting such an idea to a publisher maybe they never could get past the plagiarism .

Thursday, October 11, 2012

That's A Big Ten Four (10-4) Good Buddy

Sorry this looks cut off.  I made the stupid mistake of buying a sketch pad that is bigger than 8.5x11, and my scanner is space challenged.

It just struck me the other day every day in October could be written 10-?, which made me think of the old 1970's CB (citizens band) Radio Trucker 10 codes.  Like 10-4 for yes or okay.  I could do a whole month of strips using the each days 10 code equivalent.  This one just popped into my head.  10-6 means you are busy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Out of Sorts or Discombobulated

I am so discombobulated (wow I did spell check on that and it was there...I just thought it was a made up word.  Like ishkabibale, weepwoop, itsyabeannie and bobaleany.)  Anyhow I've been out of sorts the last several days.  I was doing so good for a few weeks.  I was in rhythm, things seemed to be working out but not sure why, because the extra things I were doing were not leading to anything.  Upon inspection, which I probably shouldn't of done, what I was doing seemed like nothing more than time filling busy work.  Maybe the true benefit of it was to give my mind something else to focus on.

My problem, and I don't think it is a problem, is I  like to know that what I'm doing is productive.  I don't like to walk around in a circle.  So when I feel like I'm walking in a circle, I feel compelled to stop and evaluate.  So when I did evaluate last week I kind of came to a dead stop and haven't been able to overcome my dead weight inertia ( I think that is the right use, if I recall my physics).  Today, I was supposed to work out, and make cold calls.  I did neither.  I allowed myself to be sucked into the vortex of my office doing other things, things that I didn't want to do.  I never cut out time to do the things I wanted to do.  And it isn't like the things I did were any more productive, or wouldn't of gotten done...but I just didn't muster up the motivation to do the other stuff.

Why isn't there a clear path to travel on?  Damn you uncertainties of life, DAMN YOU!

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 08, 164,902,012 Write That On A Check

Oh what pithy thing can I say today?  I'm not particularly in any mood...not overly happy, depressed, anxious, excited, worried, or anticipate anything grand to happen.  I'm just here.  Guess there could be a worse status.  I'm tired though.

I read a book recently, and forgive me if I touched on this before, I don't go back an double check what I've shared, but I read this book and it was attempting to illustrate the insignificance of the amount of time humans in general and individuals in particular have or will grace the earth.  It went something like this...out stretch your arms, making yourself look like a cross (for most people this will equal how tall you are so for me 6 feet or 72 inches).  Now at the tip of one hand represent the moment any form of life appeared on earth, basically some one cell dude.  Now move from that end to the tip of your fingernails on the opposite hand.  The distance equals time up to now.  If you were to take a finger nail file to your nails and file down your nail you would of completely eliminated the existence of humans.  From beginning of our appearance to now.  A pretty stark and meaningless bit of time.

Now what strikes me is why should I care about what kind of mark I leave on time.  Is there really any reason to have any expectation that humans will be around long enough to really matter.  Hell dinosaurs were around a lot longer than we have been to date, by many times more years.  Dinos were around for 165 million years, early human like species started about 6.5 million years ago, and homo sapiens; us, have been around a scant 100,000.  We'd have to exist for another 1650 times longer.  We've not hardly been around one half of one percent of the time as dinos.  Can you imagine what the hell a human world would be like in the year 164902012 AD.

I guess my thought is the relevance of me passing through time...aside from replicating myself twice ( have two kids).  If I can get my spawn to the position of self support, then I'm home free...I should be able to do whatever the hell I want as long as it isn't a burden on anyone else.  For all practical matters, anything more would be stupid.  Since the eventuality of human existence will be wiped out, who will ever care if I didn't invent the iPhone or car?  Don't amount to a hill of beans in the big picture.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Computer Problems Pave Way to Doodle

Yea my computer was running slow this day.  Some days it just seems to even get worse about 3 o'clock as if it needs some 5 hour energy to get through the day.  So with it dragging, my hand and pen tended to wander to the sketch pad to doodle.  Then on top of that I had two back to back hour long conference calls.  One I had to attend cause I get paid to, the other I was told was so important and would be filled with earth shaking news and ideas I would be a fool to miss.  The latter, just watered down, transparently lame, corporate bullshit and hype.  Oh get this, here was one of the highly touted sales ideas, Sell to myself...oh there's a good one for sustainable growth.  Idiots!

I guess I've got a bit of Halloween on the mind also.  The witch reminds me a strip I created when I was about 13-14 years old.  She had a talking broom.  Stupid, or naive me, submitted it to the syndicates.  Why on earth I didn't recognize Broom Hilda was already in the market.  I did like doing it though...I was pretty dedicated back then.  I'd come up with gags during study hall, and draft up the strips and ink them in with a pen and ink set.  My desk was a TV tray set up in some attic space off my bedroom.  The area had a distinct smell.  I laid out a bunch of, what I  suspect were, linoleum tiles I found left up there from the original construction of the laundry room in the basement.  I'll probably die from Legionaries.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Does the Pope Manscape?

So there's a visual, the Pope manscaping.  Maybe he has his junk shaved in the shape of a "V" for Vatican.  Maybe it's a cross, shaved in such a way to make it look like his dick is Christ hanging there from the cross. Oh oh, and he plays Easter every morning when he wakes up with morning wood.  He declares that Christ has risen.  Hallelujah.  Maybe he prefers to go grande nudo, as clean as a pre-pubescent choir boy.

Oppps!  Did I go too far?