Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pages From My Sketch Pad - A Quick Catch Up

I've been otherwise distracted or busy lately.  I was out of my office for an entire month doing onsite work, which was just a huge waste of my time and completely unappreciated as best I can tell.  I did some doodling, but very little and on random scrap paper as it was very difficult to focus on the task at hand and draw.

I had two computers crash.  Both had hard drive failure.  I swear it is a plot by Microsoft to force me to get off of Windows XP operating system as they both crashed after one of those overnight updates.  So to say the least I've not been motivated or able to scan and update.

I've started testing out to see what kind of feed back I get.  Check it out

Here's all the pages from my sketch pad since my last update