Thursday, April 17, 2014

Peeping Toms in Public Bathroom, Are There A Lot?

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On occasion I've seen, well enough times that I can't really remember how long ago I first saw it, but I'm certain the sightings go way back and I saw it again the other day and had to shake my head.  It is the use of toilet paper to create a curtain in a public restroom stall.  

See some guys will pull off a six foot long section of toilet paper and drape it in way that it covers the crack that exist on either side of the bathroom stall door, structure and the wall.  This creates a curtain or visual shield.  I have only been able to surmise the purpose of these streaming toilet paper curtains is prevent someone from peeping through the crack. 

Now you have to wonder a few things.   Do women do the same thing, has this individual been the victim of a public bathroom peeping Tom, are they doing something illegal in the stall, are they really that bashful, how do you become that shy,  what do they think of all the other guys in the world.  

Only women readers of this blog can shed light on the first as I've not been in too many women's bathrooms.  So women please chime in.  

Regarding looking up and seeing someone purposely peering back at you through the crack of the stall, once is unnerving, but how many times does that have to happen before you get completely paranoid?  I've been shitting in public bathrooms for years all over the country and world and have yet had this occur.  If peeping Toms are the reason then it must be happening a lot judging by the toilet paper curtains I've seen.  

Bashful?  I'm sorry if this is the reason get over yourself.  Normal guys are not sneaking a peek at you while you coup a squat.  Most guys do everything they can to overt their eyes to the extent that making eye contact in the bathroom is rare.  It's like looking at someone in the elevator...just not comfortable.  

To think other guys are cutting their eyes to look into the crack just doesn't say a lot about what you think of other guys, and actually says volumes about the person who has hung the curtain.  As in most people believe other people do the same as they do, and hence by default the curtain hanger is most likely a sneaky stall snooper. 

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Doing something illegal behind those curtains makes sense but it doesn't.  I contend these curtains draw more attention then not having them.  Most public restrooms aren't so busy all the time that you could not find a moment in time long enough to do whatever illegal activity you'd consider doing in a 4x6 box.  But criminal types aren't known for their brilliant use of reasoning, logic and forethought.

One final note on this "phenomenon", well two.  First, if you are going to create a toilet paper curtain have the decency to remove it.  Second, are these individuals the same ones that use reams of toilet paper to create a  barrier between their sensitive tush and the toilet seat.  Again stop being such a dweeb.

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