Monday, April 29, 2013

Gays on Sports Teams, What About the Locker Room?

I'm perplexed.

Let me get this out, front and center, before I continue. I have nothing against gays. I just don't care one way or the other about any individual's sexual orientation. Doesn't personally effect me. So don't even try to twist my words. I don't care if you are hetero, homo, bio or solo.

Okay that all addressed, here is what's got me perplexed. This kid coming out of college, Alan Gendreau of Middle Tennessee State, a kicker looking for a spot on an NFL team via the draft. I've not done a lot research on the matter. I understand he is a fine kicker, but kickers don't often get picked up in the draft. But what if he did get drafted? What do you do with the shower/locker room situation?

Okay, the gays might say, well it is no big deal he's not into the straight guys so don't worry about it. But do you really know? He likes guys, that is the definition. You can't just throw a straight women into the mix and say, "ah shucks she's not interested in you, don't worry about it"   She likes guys by definition.

Is it a matter that the larger percent aren't interested in the smaller percent that should be the criteria? As in the rest of the players, aren't gay and have no interest in the gay guy so don't worry about it. But with one women and a bunch of guys it matters. What if that one women were gay? Does it matter still, cause you know she's got no interest in definition.

What if the larger numbers were gay guys and one hetero? Does it matter then? What about on female sports teams, where I understand there is more openly gay players. Let's say half the girls are gay the other half are straight. Half could be, by definition, interested in the other half, but it is a bunch of women so does it matter now? I've never heard of separate locker rooms in women sports.

How do you rectify it all? Why are men and women locker rooms separate now? And bathrooms, why separate? Isn't it based on the sexual interest of one group for the other? If the sexual interest of men and women toward other men and women is not going to be the deciding factor of how you segregate a locker room then why the hell does it matter whether we are talking about sports teams or society in general? Right now there are gay and straight guys standing next to one another pissing into a urinal or even a trough.

What the hell does this all mean? "dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.", to quote Bill Murray in "Ghostbusters",

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