Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sales Is Digging Through Shit for Nickels

Boon cartoonist for hire draws cartoon kids mom salesman stood up for meeting
It's a numbers game.  That is what you hear all the time in most sales literature and training.  Basically, it means there is no real way to determine who is going to buy and who isn't so you just need to keep looking, and asking, and eventually you'll find the one that will buy.  Quite frankly I find that idea an insult to intelligence.  Yea I understand the logic it just seems more like something the upper level executives of an organization say to keep the idiot sales force plodding along.  It's the same logic used by Generals in the military.  Throw enough troops at the problem and surely enough will survive to achieve the objective.  Sales is the only aspect of an organization where failure on such a large scale is tolerated.  Think about it.  In the manufacturing side, would they ever accept a 20% success ratio where 80% of the things you made were defective?  Would even the mail room accept that only 20% of the mail they send out gets to its intended target.  Enough said, I could go on all day...sales is just a shit job for people with marginal intelligence and a desire to have their self worth affirmed regularly by strangers.

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