Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bed Wetting - Feel The Sensation

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Now on the surface this is going to seem like the most warped thought.  Even as I write this I'm not certain what my train of thought was, but for sure that train has left the tracks.  To paraphrase my internal conversation, "wouldn't it feel good to just wet the bed?"  Yuk!

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Why on earth would I want to wet the bed?  In order to understand this you are going to have to dig really deep into your childhood mind and recall the pleasurable, relaxing, easy sensation of not having to wake up, drag yourself to the bathroom to pee. It is this memory that somehow popped to the forefront of my mind the other day.   Just a peaceful, ahhhh feeling.

I'm not even going to attempt to psychoanalyze this. I'm just going to leave it to you.  See if you can relax your mind, your anxieties, stress, desire to conform and do the socially acceptable things in life and access just fora  moment that peaceful, ahh feeling that is associated with wetting the bed.

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Think of it as a higher form of yoga.  AHHHHHHHH!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Agnes Martin, Artist? That is such BULLSHIT!

I didn't have any intent to blog today.  Then I saw the GOOGLE doodle today, a set of vertical colored stripes.  Since I use several computers, but only one do I stay logged in on my Google account I figured the other computers were just not showing the image correctly.  This seems to have been the case in the past when these Google doodles have animation.  I went to my computer logged into Google, but no movement when I moved my mouse over the image.  So I clicked on the image.
This led me to all the associated links and discussions of what this doodle was celebrating Agnes Martin. This is some of the first text I read: Agnes Bernice Martin was a Canadian-American abstract painter, often referred to as a minimalist; Martin considered herself an abstract expressionist. She was awarded a National Medal of Arts from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1998" from Wikipedia. 

I continued to look at more images.  It seems all this women painted was line and stripes, vertical and horizontal, REALLY?!!?  This is somehow considered art?  I'm sorry but I cry BULLSHIT!  All this smacks of is how god damn stupid people are and susceptible they are to being lead around by the nose and told what is the "IT" thing.  It is such a glaring example of the old tale "The King Has No Clothes".  No wonder we have hit reality TV shows for all the most stupid variety of themes...tow truck drivers, and now a second generation Greek women with her parents living with her...EEEWWW that's interesting.  Each about as interesting as shoving a camera up my ass and watching my bowels move.

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It says she saw herself as an abstract expressionist....I'm pretty sure secretly she saw herself as a con-artist that was over joyed she had pulled off such a masterful scam to be a famous artist for painting stripes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Want to Be Rich? Shut Your Mouth

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Are you poor because you make stupid choices?   In my case I think so.  At least one area.  

I read a study the other day in REP. March 2014, Habits Rich and Poor, done by Thomas Corley, and quoted from Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, 2010.  Although they are referred to as habits they seem more like decision or philosophies of living.  There were 10 categories: Early Birds, Goal Setting, Accountability, Self Improvement, Networking, Exercise, Junk Food, Self Restraint, Gambling, Gossiping and TV habits.   I don't think it would take a genius to figure out that rich people do less of  what normally could be understood to be bad things and more of the things that could be understood as good things. 

As I reviewed each habit for the most part I considered myself falling into the category of "rich", and then I came to the habit, Self Restraint.  This is defined as saying what's on your mind.  Evidently only 6% of "rich" speak their mind's where 69% of poor do.  This is the one category that upon honest self evaluation I have to say I like to speak my mind.  I like to speak my mind so much even when I tell myself I'm not going to say anything it nearly never happens.  I just have to say what I'm thinking.  I don't have to get the last word in mind you, but if I have a strong enough opinion on something I'm going  to share it.  I'm not a know it all by far, but I want to ferret out the facts and have no problem stating the facts as I know them to be and openly challenge you to present your facts.  If you can disprove my facts I'm happy to capitulate.

I thought this idea for a comic strip where all the panels are
underwater scenes.  Then thought what would happen
if a panel leaked.  Baseball, inner city play is tough.
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Now if this study is accurate, perhaps this poor habit is what has held me back in the corporate world.  I'm pretty sure I've rubbed some people wrong by expressing my opinion even if it didn't jive with the highest ranking individual in the room.  Actually coming out of college, and until I read this article, I believed this to be a sought after trait.  The more I thought about this the more I could point to or remember executives and managers I've either worked with or meet that always left me scratching my head as to how the hell did they reach the level they did.  They never seemed too "out of the box", out spoken or intelligent.  They mostly seemed like milk toast, marshmallow, yes men.  But maybe that is the secret.  Just go along, get along, and move along up the ladder.  I guess having your own mind is not really a characteristic the corporate world is seeking.  I guess all their mission, vision and employee hiring statements are just a bit of a lie.

Baffled? I'm going to have to speak my mind here. Yes I'm baffled.  How can it be that the rich are able to get through life without rarely sharing their thoughts?  How the hell do new ideas ever develop?  Does it take that one outlier to stir things up, garner consciences and then surround themselves with a protective shielding of yes men, who only succeed financially because they were stupid but yet smart enough to ride some one's coat tails.  Do  we really live in a world where 92% of rich people only want to say what everyone else is saying or hear nothing other than that which doesn't  challenge their own opinions?

Scary.  Very scary.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drinking Teens, Not Enough Dying To Worry About


Let me add to that, Large numbers incite fear and drama for the ignorant.  Surely it can only be the dumb masses that don't see through the use of big numbers or don't question the relative importance.

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Jeff Rosen from NBC was on the Today Show with this new big number, 4700.  Supposedly this is the number of teens that die each year from drinking alcohol.  When  I first heard this I immediately had to ask; "Is that a lot or little?"  Well as it turns out it is 1 tenth of 1 percent or .00011905 of the teens in the United States.  So I concluded it is a little.

This number is so small it doesn't even worry me  and shouldn't worry you.  What worries me is  this has to be a blatant lie with other motivations.  Let's break this down.  According to the CDC just over 16,000 teens die per year and 48% of these deaths are classified as accidental (not natural), makes sense drinking deaths would fall under this category so that is 7680.  It is noted that 73% of accidental deaths of teens are due to; you guessed it, car accidents, that accounts for 5600 deaths only leaving 2000.  Already we don't have enough teen deaths left to support the 4700 proposed by Rosen that supposedly die from drinking.  Of course there are other kinds of accidental deaths so this just doesn't add up.  How is it that 4700 die from drinking?  CDC Teen Death Pie Chart

Another comment that just blew my mind in this report went something like this; "one of the reasons the drinking age is 21 is because 18 year old teens weigh less and can't handle alcohol as well."  REALLY?  Weigh less?  This is the motivation behind preventing legal voting age, military eligible U.S. citizens from having a drink. They just don't weigh enough?  

I drilled into this number also.  The average weight for 18 year old males is 179.3 and for males between 20-29 is 183.9.  So an 18 year old male weighs on average 4.6 pounds less.  The blood alcohol percent for a male 180 pounds and one 200 pounds doesn't differ by more than .02% for any number of drinks per hour.  That's a 20 pound spread, so a little math, 5 pounds is 25% of 20 pounds so maybe the difference in blood alcohol percent at 5 pound spread could be .005%.  I'm pretty sure that can be achieved by gargling with Scope.

So there ya have it.  The whole pronouncement that there is something to be concerned about teens and alcohol consumption is at best suspicious.