Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year Gone

The older I get the more precious I realize time is and the more disturbed I get as time slips away. I've always measured myself against preset ideas of where and what I should be at certain points. And it is beginning to scare me to death that time is running out.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scattered Brained

In here some old friends have come out to play. The superhero looking guy, the one on the right with the feather on his head, is a character I created at age 10, Super Slob. And the little alien in the crater...I keep toying with him...just seems to be a story to do around him. For the most part I spent the whole day doing customer account reviews so I'm caught up going into the next year and can create a solid plan without feeling like 2010 is still hanging around. For the most part, hell actually, for the whole part everyone of my clients is doing better by being with me and I do these reviews and most never want to even talk about them...that is why I put them off. But I feel guilty if I don't check them all.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Business Planning for 2011

I'm very anal, so every year I sit down and review what worked last year, what didn't, what I didn't do and what I did do...then I attempt to figure out how to make the next year better. I always have this nagging feeling, it is all worth a hill of is too unpredictable...and the plans never seem to materialize.

Maybe, that should be a theme of my plan this year, make it materialize at all cost.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Card Comes Together

I started to play with another idea focusing on the reindeer...and doing something that violates the reindeer's ass. Either a cavity search or as a plug in deer. But in the end I went with the idea I'd thought of previously. Rather than ruin the surprise, I'll just share the opposite side of the card since I decided to do it in a postcard format. A first..and should prove cheaper.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Computer Virus...What a Time Waster

My computer intercepted some trojan virus that was a bitch to remove...really ate into my day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hmmmm...Forgot One from Dec 5th..

This is out of order but since all these are being posted the same day I figure you won't freak out.

Boring, But What Happened That Day...Now I'm Caught Up

Oh, just a lay out sketch..boring!!! Now you should see something new every day if I can be consistent.

Xmas Ideas Start Flowing

The Beginnings of a Doodle Blog

Some days I hope I can just doodle while I work like I've always done, but on my scratch pad rather than the margins of my legal pads (well actually I don't use legal pads anymore, I use the back of used paper from arrant printings)

Warning: Don't Expect Me to Censor

I don't claim to censor, be politically correct or always "G" Rated.

Do I Really Need to Title Every Blog...Day 2

Later....Day One

I figure I better warm up the old hand and imagination and just doodle. Of course the driver behind all this is the need to come up with a Christmas card idea.

The Adventure begins

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We are such a bubble wrap socieity..we can't save everyone.

There is this effort going on now to support a Federal law creating a graduated drivers license to reduce teen auto deaths. There is a Facebook page dedicated to this cause called Save11, that is a reference to the 11 teens killed daily in auto crashes.

Loosing a child period is horrible, no matter the cause. But I can't help but look deeper into the numbers of an effort to create a Federal law that will impact a huge population. According to the CDC 7% of the US population is between the ages of 15 and 19. That's about 21 million. I've seen other numbers that suggest it might be closer to 15 million. It is a stat that about 4000 teens die in auto accidents a year. Looking at stats put out the US Dept of Tranportation 28% of teens killed in auto accidents were alcohol related. If you back out the alcohol related driving deaths, you are left with 2880 who die from inmature, novice driver cause. That is only .014% of the teen population. Do we really need a national law to protect .014% of the teen population? Or put another way do we really need a law to punish 99.986% of the teens that have been doing it right?