Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Exercising Obsessed Mom Can't Handle The Truth

exercising mom
One of my Facebook "friends" started posting her daily workout status.  She established earlier on that she was going to challenge herself to do some workout every day for 30 days in a row.  The entire month of November.  I followed these post and noticed there were some who would comment the expected comments, "way to go", "keep it up", "whew, you are making me tired"...all well deserved, but no one was giving her the kind of comments that might inspire her to push harder, like: "is that all you go?", "hmm, only 10 miles", "come on get back in the gym and off FB!"

There did come a day when she posted she was not able to workout due to some conflict.   And still no real comments to motivate her.  This post got me to thinking, what was the intent behind her post?  Was it to keep herself on track.  Was it to publicly "brag" or "show off" (felt that was unlikely).  Was it hoped to receive some accountability, as in her friends would keep her on track if she were to expose her success and failures and when she was not able to motivate herself get some motivation from her friends.   I took her intent to to be the latter and since no one else was taking up the call to action I felt I needed to.

Having been a workout obsessed individual in my youth, I understood the value of knowing there was someone at the gym expecting you to be there.  You relied on them and they relied on you.  If you were ever to not show up you'd catch hell and equally you'd give hell.   During the workout if you were showing signs of weakness or a desire to "puss" out you expected your workout buddy to push you that extra bit.

So with this level of accountability in mind I proceeded to call her out on her moment of weakness.  Well guess I misunderstood her objective.  From her response it seemed to me that she took it more personally as she attempted to make excuses and justifications for her missed day.  I kind of expected her to just do what a guy would do, "yea I'm a big puss, but I'll show you next time asshole!"   Then her other friends, all girls, were all like, "it's okay", "you're trying really hard", "I'm sure you deserved a day off"...yadayada.

REALLY!!!  Jeez..  Just goes to show you there is a huge difference in guys and girls.

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