Thursday, September 12, 2013

The World is Full of Special People - Idiots Really

Many times I feel either like I'm the most disconnected, illogical individual in the world or the world is just full of complete idiots.  We have a new public library near my home.  It just opened and I happened to be driving by and thought I'd pop in and check it out.  They have a parking area especially designated, by signage, for low emission, fuel efficient cars.  Cool, I whip my very compliant Fiat into a spot. Upon walking away from my car I notice the car in the space next to me has its engine running.  I step over to the car to investigate.  No one in it, and sure enough the engine is just purring along. 

So here is where the world just doesn't make any sense to me.  I get to the main desk and wait for someone to appear.  When they do I share the information about the car running in the low emission parking spot and I thought maybe the owner might want to know.  The only response I get is, "I wonder if it could be one of our employees?"  Why the hell that matters is beyond me, but I leave it at that and proceed to tour the new facility.
Two things struck me as just illogical.  One, there are people there, moms and kids mostly and then I recognize they are all teaching.  And it dawned on me these must all be "home schoolers".  Isn't home schooling supposed to occur at home?  It seems the government has built a really large library with numerous study rooms to accommodate "home schoolers".  Isn't that considered a school?  Two, I did want to see a particular book, a reference book.  I didn't see the reference area so I approached the "Information Desk".  I inquired of the location of the book.  I was told I can get that online at the library website we don't have the book here.  Hmmm?  Isn't the library supposed to have books?  I turn and depart and as I reach the doors to exit I realize the entire time I was there not one single announcement was broadcast in the library to inform the owner of the car parked in the GREEN ZONE their engine is running. 

Today will be marked as the first and last visit to the new library funded by my contribution to the SPECIAL PURPOSE LOCAL OPTION TAX where I've figured out SPECIAL refers more to the people associated with the purpose than the purpose itself.

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