Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

Here is a list of sure fire ways to become an inspiration and launch your career as a motivational speaker.

  • Get Fat
  • Get Addicted to Drugs or Booze
  • Kill Some One
  • Take Advantage of People
I've noticed this as a popular trend over the years.  If you can manage to make a complete wreck of your life, then correct and clean up this mess you've created, you will earn the right to tell other people the secrets and methods of how not to do what you did, or correct their own mess, which can lead to a very enriching career as a motivational speaker.   Their is no shortage of examples out there.

The Formula to Motivational Speaking

  • get fat, have surgery to loose weight, become inspiration
  • do drugs, become drug addict, almost die, get clean, become an inspiration
  • have one drink, drink more, do something stupid, self profess being alcoholic, stop drinking, become inspiration
  • kill someone, go to prison, come out, tell people killing is bad, become inspiration
  • build company from scratch, rob people blind by cheating them, get caught, go to prison, become inspiration