Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week...Give Me A Break!

I was just grabbing a quick bite to eat down in the kitchen and noticed a flier from the school declaring this week "Teacher Appreciation Week" A WEEK!!!...Give me a break. A whole WEEK!!! Every day my kid is supposed to take something to his teacher. Whatever happened to just a day? Heck, whatever happen to just a hug and a thank you on the last day of school?

It's not like they don't get paid to teach. We act as if it is a volunteer position. And don't give me this crap they don't make enough. Teacher's make plenty. If it ain't enough for them, then let them sell their skills to the next highest bidder. My dad never had Pilot Appreciation Week, Day or most times not even a thanks for getting us to the ground.

I don't ever recall any time set aside for other professions or jobs either. You know what week is now Person that Gives Me My Coffee At Starbucks Appreciation Week. No that won't work...they expect a tip every time they do that, above what they get paid. Hmmmm? How about "Financial Advisor Appreciation Week" I don't get tips, I'm constantly having to defend getting paid what it is I get paid (not much) and give away a lot of free advise every day. I deem every Financial Advisor worthy of an APPRECIATION WEEK.