Thursday, May 1, 2014

Recycling - Isn't Everything Able To Be Recycled?

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Recycling is something I do and believe in.   We have so much to recycle that we had to upgrade from the tiny bin provided by the garbage company to a full blown roll away garbage can.  I think I can do more.

I pay attention to what I'm throwing away and began to notice just about everything I put in the trash could be recycled.  How is that? Well, you can recycle paper, glass, metal, and plastic, so think about it, other than food, what isn't made of one of those four things.  Yea I know there are some specific things recycling doesn't want, which baffles me if it isn't good enough to recycle why the hell do we want it buried in a land fill, that's a topic for another day, but in general most everyday things are one of those four materials.  So why don't I just recycle everything?  Mainly it is because I keep my small recycling bin outside my back kitchen door, fill it up and dump into the roll away can and I'm only comfortable tossing in the bin the things that won't attract varmints.  Yet we had a opossum in it the other night.  So I don't put in those papers, plastic and some open cans that I don't feel like taking the time to clean before I throw them away.

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Then it got me thinking of how much more motivated I'd be or how you could motivate people to recycle if you had to store or bury all your own garbage in your yard, except that which you gave to recycling?  How much more recycling would you do?  In my case everything.

Here is a good question for anyone in the recycling business.  Why does it request on the recycling bin to only put clean things?  Or even broader, how is it that there is not a big machine that could shake out the trash that is not desired, which I contend is very little, and the organic stuff, food waste, wouldn't it just burn off when the plastic, paper, wood, glass or metal are processed?  So in general why doesn't all of our garbage just get labeled recycling?