Monday, December 30, 2013

Wacom Inkling Test

There are a lot of images here.  I got this new Wacom Inkling pen for Christmas and I was testing it out.  It took me a couple of pages of doodling to figure it out.  Not that it is real difficult, but flew a little bit by the seat of my pants at first.  Since it is designed to eliminate the need to scan images in I thought it would be interesting to compare the scanned image with the image as it was captured by the Wacom.  So I posted both for you to review.

This first page went completely uncaptured.  I included it because my deal with you is to share my sketch pad.
This you can see for some reason there is an issue with the line work lining up.  See the bald guy's eyes and double stroking the lines.
The main thing I noticed on this page was for some reason the Inkling didn't capture the "u" in the "your".
This grouping of Happy New Year's celebration was done using the layer function.  You can't tell her but when it is uploaded to the reader you can eliminate layers.  Here I just included them all.  I also drew higher up on the paper and you can see the natural margin of the Inkling reader didn't pick it up.  The bottom half was done by coming back later and starting a separate page on the Inkling.


  1. Is this a pen that I can use with my current Wacom Tablet?

  2. Madeline, it is an actual pen. So you draw right on paper. It has sensor built in and receiver you clip to your paper to capture whatever you put on the paper.

  3. Thanks Boon! I may want to try one :-)

  4. What is the cost? Thanks. Peter Daniels.

  5. Peter, I got mine for $99 direct from WACOM. I've not shopped it around, but I've heard of folks getting for about $50 from some website call B&H, but I'm not sure exactly what B&H is. Hey, Thanks for reading and commenting on the Blog. Be sure to visit often.

  6. I've not used my Inkling in a long while. Mostly because I still lack the eye-hand coordination to ink in Photoshop, so having my sketches created digitally doesn't help me since I'd still have to print them out to ink. But that being said, I did use it this weekend. Just felt like messing around with it. What I discovered is the battery, in the pen, corrodes hindering the connection. I thought I was going to have to buy a new battery, but lucky for me someone else had the same issue and posted a YouTube about it. All I had to do is scrap the corrosion of the battery and connector and charge it. So it still works. It still draws fine. But I still have no use for digitally saved sketches.