Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'd Do This For Free, But My Life Won't Let Me

I don't know where life took such a turn, but I'm pretty sure this is not the path I should be on. I truly believe in capitalism, and in my profession I have but three assets...TIME, INFORMATION and ETHICS, but I would give the first two to you for free, I'm not about to sell my Ethics, as a matter of fact I would say I have them priced out of reach. It has been said that as a salesman you don't sell a product or a price, you sell trust. I've bent over backwards telling the truth. Hell I hesitate not to say, I speak the truth and seek the highest mount from which to spread my truth...those who are true to themselves hear my words, those who want self affirmation will turn a deaf ear to me, only listening to that which does not challenge their beliefs.

But speaking the truth...doing to others as I would hope they would do unto me has not really panned out. In some other's eyes it may seem what I've accomplished and accumulated is grand and spectatular. It is all spit and tissue paper.

I regularly struggle with how do you establish trust. I've always been accused of being rather straight forward. Hell if you are going to be honest, be honest, why beat around the bush about what you know...let it be known. Point out what you think, and know. If you feel you are sharing the best, most honest idea, why not spill it all...but for some reason, people don't trust honesty...they seem to recoil and distrust, so I'm forced to play this uncomfortable game of let's slowly get to know what you want and what I can do. It only leads to me feeling like I've given all, they've taken it, and I've gotten nothing. My Life Won't Let Me Do This For Free!!!!

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