Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fat Nation Not Helped By Federal Programs

So you gotta wonder, when I was kid (in the sixties and seventies) there was the Presidential Fitness deal...we had to do this 12 minute run/walk every quarter it seemed, maybe it was once a year, after we were in Jr. High (7th grade up for you Middle Schoolers). They still do this today at my son's school. He brought it up because he noticed no matter how much better he got, the PE teacher only commended the "fat" kids who got better. His words, "they walked it faster".

I've not ever done any research on the subject, and this is purely from memory and personal experience, but my belief is this was some kind of program pushed down from the department of education, much like standardized testing, to assure the physical fitness of us kids. But here we are nearly 40 years later and we are flat out the fattest nation on the planet, and our kids are the fattest generation of kids ever. So much for Federal mandates.

Myself...I'm still the same size I was as a Senior in high school, 6 foot, 187lbs. Considering we spend most of our time each day going from bed, to car seat, to office seat, to lunch booth seat, to car seat, to dinner table seat, to couch, to many calories can you burn only making 6 minute walking trips to your next resting place. No wonder there are food courts in malls...what American wants to burn so many calories walking a mall before they have to replace them with a high calorie Chinese meal? Hell if not the mall would be filled with dead, starved to death individuals otherwise.

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