Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ditch the Wife, Sell the House, Trade Your Kids In

Well summer is here, again. No vacation or end of school celebration for adults though. It is just another day with its own problems. I remember the whole transition from a school routine to a real life work routine. The loss of many holidays, the structured ending of classes and the beginning of the new ones. The immediate feed back of grades and test scores. All that is lost in adult life. Now it all runs together. It is difficult to know exactly where you stand from day to day. You only get the sense of change or accomplishment by looking back over long periods of time. Typically by the time you can see differences or changes you are so far into it that it is difficult to change. Somehow slowly you add more and more anchors. Those long term commitments and loan, marriage, mortgage, pets, kids and etc. Your flexibility is lost and I wonder if it will ever return.

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