Monday, January 28, 2013

Cartoonist Can Beat A Machine

The investment business is my Bruce Wayne to my Boon cartoonist secret identity .  Something I've witnessed and anticipate to further be inevitable is software/robots will eventually make what I do as Bruce Wayne obsolete. It just follows one of the greatest truths in any endeavor,  gaps in information/time/skill will be exploited until the gap narrows to nil and this is exactly what computer trading has done and should of done.

I had a conversation with a neighbor, he works as a CFO in the tech/IT industry,  the other night, after seeing this 60 minutes piece on robots/software
and another piece on, a show who's name escapes me now, but similar premise robots/software replacing humans as pilots and soldiers. The use of machines and software to replace humans is only natural.  Which leaves humans at trying to figure out what they can do better than machines/software to assure job security.  And realized that cartooning was a safer industry than investment management, because creativity, as best I can tell can not be replicated by machines.

I advised my sons to both pursue some endeavors that could not be boiled down to repeatable processes that lead to a range of predictable outcomes. Because it is only those occupations that are safe from the machines.

But that all being said, so much of the traditional markets for cartoonist is drying up.  More and more papers are disappearing, magazines are dying, yet the use of cartoons and illustration on the internet should be expanding.  What has complicated the matter for me, is the market has gotten so huge and so diluted it is hard to identify where to go or how to approach it.    You can see below my new widgets for Greeting Card Universe and Cafepress.  I'm trying to create more traffic to raise exposure.  Of course in the long run it is all in an attempt to replace my dependence on Bruce Wayne.

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