Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let's Make This a Better Year

Yes I'm still doodling.  Not much lately, but see below.  

We are one month into a new year.  (It just astounds me how quickly time flies) and I'm still trying to get my barrings.  I've been spending some time working on launching greeting cards on Greeting Card Universe and gift/apparel stuff on Cafe Press.  Aside from the illustrations I've been trying to figure out how to develop the traffic and awareness and how each work.  So I've tweaked the way the blog looks, made changes to Twitter and Facebook.  I'm trying to get everything to work together.  I even went ahead and bought three domain names:, and (yea you believe that the dot com for that one was taken)

I've been putting some emphasis on the cartooning side of my world to get some traction so it will start bringing in some money.  Yea money, sorry I'm not a purist that much.  I've made money doing it in the past, and a little extra cash now would be nice.

The other side of my world, the side I've not shared too much about, is getting off to an okay start, but because I got whacked by what are called charge backs I'm digging my way out of a hole.  My company just had its annual yearly KICK OFF rah-rah meeting.  I've been sick to my stomach all last year at how poorly I did, and was quite frankly embarrassed to be at the meeting.  I can't allow that to happen again it would just kill me.  But as in every year in the past, me and everyone I compete against start at zero

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