Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Electricity Kills Cousin and Blew Arms Off Another

There was a request made for a very specific greeting card the other day.  The request was to congratulate someone for finishing electrician training and becoming a full blown electrician.  Well I had a cousin who was an electrician and when we were about 30 he was killed when a generator arced out and fried his ass.  So naturally the first thing that came to my mind regarding an electrician was being electrocuted.

This is the sketch for the card
As I write this another sad and tragic memory of electricity pops into my head.  I traveled with the carnival when I was about 19 - 20.  I met a lot of interesting characters, and those days normally spawn long conversations at parties.  But specifically I met a guy with no arms.  He had them both blown off by electricity.  His family operated midway games and he was setting up that game where you try to ring the bell at the top of tall pole/board by using a huge hammer to whack a lever.   Well when he stood the pole/board upright it hit some live power image the rest for yourself.  Buy The Card Here

Oh, and you get a free Pope joke.  How's that for value?

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