Friday, January 11, 2013

Writing Beats Out Art or Does It?

So I had this thought the other day.  I want to get into a regular routine to develop some strip or series, but I'm limited by time.  I really can't spend endless hours sketching, roughing, and inking elaborate pieces.  I hate that I can't, but right now it is my reality.  The idea that came to me was figure out a way to reduce the time commitment and what I came up with was over simplify the art.

Now this idea doesn't appeal to my main reasons for enjoying cartooning, which is the drawing of cartoons, but it seemed to speak to the idea I've often heard and read about, cartoons aren't about the art they are about the writing.  Yea seems strange to me also, but evidently good art can't carry bad writing, where good writing can carry bad art (to an extent).

So this is my first sketch on this new idea.  I don't guess I could of drawn anything more simple than a circle (ball) and square (box).

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