Sunday, April 27, 2014

After Having Kids, The Rest Of My Life Is Just For Show

For some reason a series of thoughts went through my head the other day in sequential order of what is the worst thing that someone could do to me or happen to me.   I'm sure I was stressing over some late bill.

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I could be bankrupt, not so bad many people have been bankrupt and come back.  A little embarrassing, maybe not the thing you want your kids to see, but again, there are a lot of now successful well know businesses that were the second, third or umpteenth try.

Take everything I own away, either by theft, foreclosure, fire, basically just think you've got nothing.  Yea a pain in the ass, but really would I miss any of it.  Probably not.  Think minimalist...see earlier post I just don't think it is that big a deal having a bunch of shit.

Let me fast forward some.  Prison.  Throw me in prison.  Now that gets me concerned.  I think I could survive, but man I'd have to really get that thousand yard stare and become psycho.  The solitude, separation, being caged and such doesn't really bother me.  It is all the other crazy shit and crazy ass bastards in there.  I just imagine it to be like being in a jungle fire fight 24/7.  I could just die or kill myself.

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Death. I'm not particularly afraid of death.  We all get to do it, we just don't know when.  Yea I've often been known to say I want to live just beyond July 2076, but really who gives a crap.  My thought here is I've done what I'm supposed to do.  There's really only one reason for any living thing to be, that is to make more more living things.  You don't get grand kids without a generation of kids.  Each generation begets the next and so on.    So for all practical purposes once you've created more living copies of yourself you are done.  All the rest is just for show.

So this is how I came to the conclusion, there really isn't anything bad that you can do to me that really matters.  Equally, there really isn't anything I should be doing other than enjoying myself and doing what the fuck I want, and not be too concerned about others.  I don't mean in a way that I want to kill or purposely hurt anyone. Just that why the hell does me doing anything more than what I want to do matter?  Why stress over anything.  What is the worse you can do to me?  Nothing asshole.

We are just recycled matter to be recycled again.

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  1. I saw the movie LUCY the other day. In a speech Morgan Freeman's character was making he reinforced my thought process here. Life's primary objective is to further its own self by passing on its genes to another generation. Beyond that no other obligation.