Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sales - A Job For The Stupid

I'm too smart for sales.  Well that is what I've been told more than once in my career.  The first time I heard it was right after I got my test scores for the licenses I have to have to do what I do.  The office manager, the guy who hired me, leaned over my cube wall and said, "You got the highest score anyone in the office has gotten.  There's an inverse relationship between success here and test score."   I kid you not that was my first motivational speech from my leader.  The same sentiment has been shared with me over the years by colleagues or other "supervisors".

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Well, here's how stupid I am.  I never listened to any of those observations, and I continue to trudge along after 25 years.  I just can't get my head around the idea of how the hell someone can be too smart for anything?  Smart was never a word used to describe me growing up.  I barely made it out of school.  I struggled every year.  If I was so smart wouldn't school of come easy?  It never did.  I test horribly on standardized test.  If I was smart wouldn't they be a breeze?  They aren't.  In the case of school I eventually did good in college hitting deans list every quarter my last two years, but that was through pure pressing my nose to the grind stone and busting my ass.  The standardized test thing still never yielded to hard work.  I took the GRE, GMAT and LSAT and never scored much better than average.  I spent an entire summer doing nothing but part-time work and study for the LSAT to no avail.  Now, test that I can study for, I can crank on those, as evidenced by my licensing exams (I hold about 8 different licences and scored high on all of them).  I'm definitely not smart enough to figure out how a stupid guy like me can be called smart.

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The only way I can reconcile other people's observations or impression of me is I'm just the least stupid person in a profession of stupid people.  That is something I can get my head around, but I'm still not less stupid enough to figure out why it is bad or how to become more stupid.  All I really know is if I am smart, and this is how stupid smart feels, then I wish I was stupid.

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