Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Time to Make Something Happen

Messing around with my Wacom Inkling so very random
doodles fired off in quick order.  This is the scanned
original  page not the saved Inkling images.
Happy New Year.  There I officially acknowledged the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

Resolutions typically occur at this junction of the old year and the new year.  I understand why but it could also be looked at as relatively random because for most people the biggest difference between the last week of December and the first week of January is they have to throw out the old calendar and put up a new one, and start remembering the new year to write on checks (who the hell writes checks anymore?).

For me there has always been a definitive line of demarcation between years.  It has to do with the fact that in my regular working career everything I did last year gets closed out and I start the new year at ZERO. Imagine your favorite football team going into the locker room at half time up by a good margin, say 35 points.  They worked hard to establish that margin in the first half, but now when they take the field after halftime, the score gets reset to 0-0.  Everything they did doesn't matter any longer.  It now becomes, what have you done now?  So I start ever year at ZERO, and I have to figure out how to start building the score back up.  Literally, because nothing I did last year, or the years before will contribute to what I need this year.

Wacom Inkling test of the layering option.  This is the
scanned original image.  The Inkling images, for example
show  the lower right doodle as  6 layers. 
I recognize what I need to do is figure out a way to annuitize my life.  It has been said I have a great job, but not a career.  I stop working, its over, period.  So my resolution this year is to figure out how to annuitize my life.  Develop something that will be a perpetual motion, money maker.  Do it once, point it in the right direction and let it take off.  Or at least something that each year builds on the previous.  I'm tired of trying to reach the top of a mountain using a Stair Master.

What exactly this will all look like, I don't know.  I do know that it all has to be broken down into sequential steps that can be taken on daily.  I'm not convinced the objective here should be to create a particular goal  I've done that for years past, and it never has worked out.  I realized this a couple of years ago when I decided to just stop putting together a business plan.  I still review the past year and assess what worked and didn't, but I've stopped putting some definitive objective/goal down as a target.  I'm just will break it down into daily steps.  So my next "step" is to figure out what the "steps" should be.

***Sketch Pad, Wacom Inkling test update ****

This image to the right is a scanned image of a sketch pad page.  I had my Inkling receiver plugged into my computer when I had Photo Shop opened, and I noticed that when I moved the Inkling pen around it was moving the cursor, so I created a new PS canvas and tried to draw.  Well low and behold it draws on the PS canvas, kind of like any number of tablets, but with this the image is also on the paper.  The one thing I've not figured out yet is how to match up the image and the Inkling's zone of reception. You can see here I've created corners that corresponded to the edges of the PS canvas.   Obviously much smaller, even though I set the PS canvas to 8.5x11 inch.  It seemed to also expand when I zoomed in or out.   More on this later, be sure to check back.

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