Thursday, December 13, 2012

Greeting Cards Online

I discovered something the other day.  It is like Cafe Press where I have my online store for mugs, shirts and stuff, but it is for creating and selling greeting cards, GreetingCardUniverse.  I started loading Christmas cards up there on Monday, there is an approval process so they are not all showing, but one is approved and has already had sales.  Wohoo for me.  I thought that was pretty cool.

Understanding we are really close to Christmas, and seeing that their is a delay, I only loaded about 5 XMas cards.  I've started loading Valentines cards.  Then it gave me the idea to cross pollinate to CafePress.   But I'm going to fill up One Guy Drawing Cards it is so easy.

So a few of the cards you've seen from my past can now be bought and shared.

Yes, I've got this year's Christmas card done, and mailed.  I'm waiting until closer to Christmas to share with y'all.  I might start putting the roughs and scratch pad ideas up later.

This is my first Valentine card posted
Card inside:  I've got a Heart On for you

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