Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Am I Dying? Sick of Being Sick!

I just feel like shit lately. I can't shake it. It's not mentally, although my mental state is impacted by my physical state. I just feel noxious (I mean nauseous but the noxious could be true also) all day, especially in the morning. Hmm? No it can't be morning sickness..I was fixed 13 years ago, and, well duh I'm a dude. I need something to become passionate about...oppps there is that ol' bio-rhythm thing.

I don't even doodle anymore.
I did this the other day but was in no way in the mood to draw. Hence the sad sacks with their heads on the table.

I've never been a hypochondriac, actually exactly the opposite. It would have to be so blatantly obvious I need to go to a doctor before I would even consider going. As in, my arm would have to be hanging from a thread or I wasn't breathing. Well enough moaning. I hope you don't feel bad. Really, I hope you're having a fucking fantastic year!

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