Monday, February 24, 2014

South Korea 2018 Winter Olympics Here I Come

Real quick here, I'm waiting for a call from someone who said they wanted to talk to me and we agreed he'd call me Monday at noon.  It is 12:09pm right now.  So let's see how much I can knock out before he calls or I run out of things to write, as I anticipate he won't be calling.

Men like women to shave,  but not their heads.
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I watched the recently completed 2014 Winter Olympics.  Congrats to all the medal winners and back to the training regime for the rest of you.  That is if you want to be in South Korea in 2018.
A thought crossed my mind while watching, could I train to be an Olympic class athlete in four years if money weren't an issue?  Why would or should money be an issue...well I need someway to support my family as things stand now, but let's pretend for a  moment I'm single.

If for the next four years I could focus all my attention on just one thing could I become an elite athlete?  Let's also set aside the ice sports and focus on the snow sports.  I just think it would be an interesting experiment.  This is not a intended to be a comment on the abilities of the current or up and coming athletes.

I did grow up skiing some, but not like I was raised in Colorado, so I'd be starting with minimal established skills.  Also, I'm not a spring chicken at 50, which I just learned over the weekend affords me "Senior Citizen" discounts at movies and the grocery store, another thing to test.  My thought is first gravity is a huge part of downhill that is a great equalizer, and much different than just about all the other sports that seem to require fighting gravity (weight lifting, gymnastics, soccer (can't believe I had to spell check that word), all the track and field sports).  Next it is a fear thing to over come.  Something I do know about aging men, is the
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older our bodies get the younger our minds think we are.  I think it is something to do with years of forcing ourselves to plow through and not give up, something  we might not of possessed at 16.  So I could dig deep mentally.  Plus, heck if I die I die I'm already 75% through my expected life.  Then the technology available to assist in the training is way better than when I grew up.  Heck we didn't even have a weight program in my very wealth high school.  Until I was a junior all we had was Universal Gym and a smattering of free weights in the gym closet.  Anyhow, I know  there is a lot more to it.  Maybe it is just a small fantasy of an aging nobody wanting to be a somebody.

It is now 12:47pm and no call.  As Gomer Pile used to say, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise."

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