Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day Results in Ground Hog Color Comic Strip

We are kinda snowed in down here in the south this week so I had some time on my hands.  I've really not tested the limits of photoshop so I figured I'd mess around with it.

I took a sketch pad doodle I posted a few post ago and decided I'd see if I could spruce it up, but also do it in a way that was not time consuming.  This took researching some on the internet, reading some post by some other blogs I follow, and reaching out to some cartoonist on Linked In.  In the end I did figure it all out.

For those that are interested this is the initial doodle.  It was never started to be a strip as it turned out.  I really just drew that creature, the one with the "?"over his head, then added the boy later in the day and as the day progressed it evolved into something of a strip.  It was this image that I pulled into photoshop and cleaned up.  I don't like inking in PS so I had to convert it to a blue line and printed it out on card stock to be inked.   Once I had it inked I scanned it back to PS and proceeded to scale and manipulate and eventually color it.

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