Friday, January 10, 2014

Wacom Inkling - Will Layers Work To Create Finished Quality Work?

I'm still playing around with the Wacom Inkling I got for Christmas.  I got to thinking about how could I best use the LAYER function and did this test.  I thought about it from the aspect of what, in my experience, is the normal order of events to get to a finished cartoon.  Of course after an idea has materialized and really, really rough sketches have been worked up, the order I do things is this:

  1. rough out in pencil (normal or blue) the border
  2. rough the characters and dialog balloons in pencil  (again blue or normal)
  3. ink in the characters
  4. do background and shading
  5. ink in the dialog and balloons
  6. ink the borders
  7. sign
  8. erase the pencil if I used a normal lead
So with that in mind I decided I'd do a test.  I'd push the LAYER button on the receiver at each step and see if it could create what would be acceptable to me as a finished product with no erasing. (Just a bit of complaint for BLOGGER!, it is not real easy to create and lay out images in a manner that could be more creative), Sorry if this looks a bit cluttered.

rough, what would of been
done in pencil very lightly
Inked layer, You can't tell much
difference between the rough

Dialog and balloon layer
Border and background

shading and signature
Finished? Combining layers
2 thru 5.
My initial thoughts on this process is it would be nice to have different color inks in the pen, like one of those  4 color pens you had in school.  It is hard to tell the difference on the paper what was a rough pen line and finished pen line even though I tried to do the rough really lightly.   You can see I forgot to ink in the month.  I also noticed, and it is more obvious when you look at the scanned version, that the finished inking is really no where near the smoothness and quality I'd submit my finished work  It is disjointed and clumsy looking.  Finally, you can see that the elements don't line up real well.  The cross hatching is on the balloon and such.  I don't understand why the images are so dark here.  They load to Photoshop white.  I'm not sure at this stage if each layer would load as layers of one image file into Photoshop, but if they did, and you like to ink in PS, then this could all function as your roughs.  I don't see it as, of yet,  a way to create a finished work.

This is the sketch pad version.  If  it  had
been intended for a finished piece I'd
been able to erase the roughed layer, so
this doesn't look as clean as it would be.
If you are wondering why the sketch pad, scanned version has more characters, it is because I drew them earlier in the day.  I didn't want to use another piece of paper just to do my test and I understand the Inkling on records what you draw at the time.

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