Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine's Day - Some Card and Gift Ideas

The message of love in pictures.   This classic, cute,
funny cartoon Valentine's day message
Gift, Apparel and Cards with this image:

You've got to love this
guy's expression. Dirty
minds on valentine's and
Very Popular Card for Guys who's Birthday is on Valentines:

You've Just got to heart (love)
this play on words
I've Got A Heart On for You - Play on Words just makes me smile

 Asked that special someone to join you in a drink to celebrate Valentine's Day with this card.

Valentine's Day Card - sexy, kinky, love at\OneGuyDrawing

After Kids Valentine's Day  is not the same.

New Baby in the House Card at GreetingCardUniverse/OneGuyDrawing
Calling all Nerd, Geeks, and Computer Programers, say it in binary code.

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