Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free Advise Given For Free -or- How Do You Measure Progress

No drugs behind this doodle....not sure how
it all started but it is weird.  Boon cartoons,
Boondawgoggle, cartoonist for hire.
Wow!  Tomorrow is the last day of January.  Only 92% of the year left.  So let's take inventory.  If the rest of the year continues as this month has unfolded what will things look like in December?  Ah? No, I'm not going to go through that exercise.  It's too damn depressing.  And besides, one month does not a trend make.  Now I just want to cry.  The only aspect of January I can  think of that I hope projects  the balance of the year is that I'm alive.  How's that for positive thinking.

Surely I've done something this month that warrants it as not being a complete waste of 8% of the time I have available this year.   I'm kind of feeling a bit like what a farmer must feel like.  He plows the field, sows the seed and waits,and waits and waits for several months to see if what he had done provides the expected results, but it is not until he waits for months will he knows if he did enough.  By the time he knows it is too late to adjust and correct.  I really need to find a way to get more instant feed back.  I need some Star Wars future vision telescope to see into the future.

Here's what I do know about this month....I've given a lot of advice for free.  Of course this is the normal thing I do because the advise is given in hopes that it will lead to future sales based on my advise and it is for these sales I get paid.   I wish it wasn't that way, I wish I could just say, "I get paid to do the advise thing".  The reason it is frustrating to me is people ask for the advise,
Do you get the artist humor?  Comment if you understand it
or want to know what it is.  Check out the frustrated pose,
completely how I feel this month.  Cartoonist for hire, Boon,
boondawgoggle doodles.
insight and opinion, only to discount the information entirely or go off and implement it on their own.  I had a lawyer friend tell me once that he gives people a bill at the end of meeting with him, and he has actually had people say, "what's this for, you didn't do anything?", to which he came in with questions, and you are leaving with answers, and this is why you are paying me.  See I live in a world where I have very intangible assets...TIME, INFORMATION and HONESTY.

Here's looking at that glass more full...I've got 225 days to make this a fabulious year.  YEAH!!!

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