Monday, August 26, 2013

Catching the Eye of Art Licensing Agents

  Boon cartooninst for hire draws Garden Girl cartoon humorous illustration

So I've started approaching some agents regarding branding of either my style or individual things I've come up with recently (things that all started as doodles, but caused my mind to start spitting out associated ideas).  I like doing humorous illustration and I also like applying, my self professed, quick wit (warped and quirky also) to situations and things.  I'm not quite sure how the whole agent thing works exactly.  My assumption is they serve a similar function as you would expect an agent for a movie star, model or athlete to work.  They feel like they can make money off the talent and therefore are willing to work for a cut.   Additionally, like actors and models agents my thought is they should be able to spot talent in the rough and have enough confidence to polish it up in a manner that the rest of the untrained world can see the beauty.  Well I think I'm better than just a dirty rock waiting to be discovered for the diamond I am, but I know I'm not polished and cut just right for the Queen's crown just yet.  So I'm having to jump feet first into this approach and see what comes of it.

Garden Girls is just one of those things that seems to pop up on my sketch pad. (my past sketch pad post are probably riddled with seeds of marketable ideas)  One doddle leads to another then a quote, then another and soon I have what I think is an idea worth exploring.  I took the sketches and worked up on color idea just to see how she looked. I think she is interesting and a bit of tweaking might have potential.

Boon cartoonist for hire draws cartoon garden girl

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