Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cartoonist in Drag - Where Are My High Heels and Big Hair Wig?

boon cartoonist of hire draws cartoon mom woman
Getting in touch with my feminine side.
That just sounds dirty.
(see there's that warped sense of humor)
Okay, as I mentioned in an earlier post I'm exploring the world of art licensing.  For those not in the know, this is the side of the art industry where art meets all those things in your home and what you wear that have any kind of image, design, pattern or art on them.  Artist produce all that stuff, not machines, and sell the use of the art to manufactures that make and sell this stuff.  Some times artist and manufacture work directly with one another and other times there is an agent that puts artist and manufacture together.

Well what I've learned thus far is it is all about not trying to blaze new trails it is about a level of conformity that makes it the absolute easiest for the largest percent of the buying market to not have to stretch their imagination or struggle with fitting in.  Which I get and have understood in concept for years relative to many things in life.  If you want volume then you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator.  (I am not my customer and therefore shouldn't attempt to please me).

So, what are some of the common themes to appeal to the largest percent?  Women, middle age, bright colors (blue over yellow) vanilla humor (not French or vanilla bean either), happy, and cheerful.  (gag).  I'm smart enough to recognize (and I've commented on it before) I'm a white, middle age (nearly over the hill) male with a warped sense of humor that leans toward sexual connotation and darkness/depression.

My challenge now, or soul searching I have to do, is can I tap into some inner femininity.  Can I speak to women? Can I become the everyday woman.  Do I want to be a cartoonist in drag in order to make money? Stay "tooned".

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