Monday, October 8, 2012

October 08, 164,902,012 Write That On A Check

Oh what pithy thing can I say today?  I'm not particularly in any mood...not overly happy, depressed, anxious, excited, worried, or anticipate anything grand to happen.  I'm just here.  Guess there could be a worse status.  I'm tired though.

I read a book recently, and forgive me if I touched on this before, I don't go back an double check what I've shared, but I read this book and it was attempting to illustrate the insignificance of the amount of time humans in general and individuals in particular have or will grace the earth.  It went something like this...out stretch your arms, making yourself look like a cross (for most people this will equal how tall you are so for me 6 feet or 72 inches).  Now at the tip of one hand represent the moment any form of life appeared on earth, basically some one cell dude.  Now move from that end to the tip of your fingernails on the opposite hand.  The distance equals time up to now.  If you were to take a finger nail file to your nails and file down your nail you would of completely eliminated the existence of humans.  From beginning of our appearance to now.  A pretty stark and meaningless bit of time.

Now what strikes me is why should I care about what kind of mark I leave on time.  Is there really any reason to have any expectation that humans will be around long enough to really matter.  Hell dinosaurs were around a lot longer than we have been to date, by many times more years.  Dinos were around for 165 million years, early human like species started about 6.5 million years ago, and homo sapiens; us, have been around a scant 100,000.  We'd have to exist for another 1650 times longer.  We've not hardly been around one half of one percent of the time as dinos.  Can you imagine what the hell a human world would be like in the year 164902012 AD.

I guess my thought is the relevance of me passing through time...aside from replicating myself twice ( have two kids).  If I can get my spawn to the position of self support, then I'm home free...I should be able to do whatever the hell I want as long as it isn't a burden on anyone else.  For all practical matters, anything more would be stupid.  Since the eventuality of human existence will be wiped out, who will ever care if I didn't invent the iPhone or car?  Don't amount to a hill of beans in the big picture.

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