Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Computer Problems Pave Way to Doodle

Yea my computer was running slow this day.  Some days it just seems to even get worse about 3 o'clock as if it needs some 5 hour energy to get through the day.  So with it dragging, my hand and pen tended to wander to the sketch pad to doodle.  Then on top of that I had two back to back hour long conference calls.  One I had to attend cause I get paid to, the other I was told was so important and would be filled with earth shaking news and ideas I would be a fool to miss.  The latter, just watered down, transparently lame, corporate bullshit and hype.  Oh get this, here was one of the highly touted sales ideas, Sell to myself...oh there's a good one for sustainable growth.  Idiots!

I guess I've got a bit of Halloween on the mind also.  The witch reminds me a strip I created when I was about 13-14 years old.  She had a talking broom.  Stupid, or naive me, submitted it to the syndicates.  Why on earth I didn't recognize Broom Hilda was already in the market.  I did like doing it though...I was pretty dedicated back then.  I'd come up with gags during study hall, and draft up the strips and ink them in with a pen and ink set.  My desk was a TV tray set up in some attic space off my bedroom.  The area had a distinct smell.  I laid out a bunch of, what I  suspect were, linoleum tiles I found left up there from the original construction of the laundry room in the basement.  I'll probably die from Legionaries.


  1. I found your work at linkedin and I love it.

    1. Dina - Thanks for the kind words. Please poke around at previous post and share with your friends.