Friday, September 7, 2012

Jobs, Employment Report - August 2012

Well the new jobs created in August 2012, 96,000...Ya!  The unemployment rate 8.1%...Ya!

Ya?  Not really.  The size of the work force is shrinking, or better put the number of people who may of been looking for jobs is shrinking.  Why.  Well mainly because those individuals at the older end are plain and simple, just deciding to hang up their tool belts and ease into retirement.   Probably not their first choice, but after a while they recognize, or accept the reality of the effort versus return as not being in their favor.

It is inevitable...look at the birth curve.  The middle of the baby boom, the spike or year the the most babies were born was 1955.    They are all turning 57 this year and all those people born prior to them, back to 1945 are all older, duh!.  People don't want to work forever.  They may feel like they have to, but they don't want to, and more likely and eventually, they start to accept the fact they will just scale back and live however they can on whatever they have.  I'm not suggesting the 57 year olds are bailing on the job search, but those that are 60 plus are more likely and this trend will continue.

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