Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Lot of Balls in the Air - Too Many Toos Too

I hesitate to say I've got too many balls in the air because I probably have what balls I need in the air.  I've added a few balls lately, but it was in a effort to become more balanced.  As in I was probably too focused on just a couple of balls and it was making me crazy because even with the extra attention to the balls nothing was improving.  So why not take the focus off a few, re-allocate some time to other balls and reduce the stress.

I'd read recently that too much stress was not good and eventually leads to a deterioration of the results for the thing you are stressing over.  Seems crazy to me at some level but makes sense at another level.

How I was able to finally embrace the idea was using the analogy of working out, weight lifting per se.  I know you can't get bigger working the same muscle over and over without any rest to grow.  Trust me you can't.  Trying to do that just tears the muscle down and eventually it just stops responding.  So you have to break the effort up, and if you are going to do that then it opens slots to do other things.  So I've added working out everyday for a hour and making cold calls for several hours everyday.

Why am I bringing all this up?  It just dawned on me that this has reduced my doodle time.  I can't doodle while cold calling, it is too rapid fire, and I'm spending less time just fretting and crunching numbers, so less doodle time.  Hmmm...I'll work it out, and make it another ball to juggle.

Oh, by the way, I hate those Verizon ring back tones.  Really?  What makes you think I want your music selection blaring in my ear?  And does one song really represent you?  And what about accommodating all the various groups or types of people that call your phone - mom, boss, clients, friends, pastor, one song really appropriate for all?  And then there are those that don't even change the Vivaldi classical default. I'm pretty sure there are way fewer classical fans than evidenced by the number who have it as a ring back tone.

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