Monday, June 18, 2012

Corporate Success Begins at Ground Level

The corporate "yes man", the one that is your boss, more likely than not. Who gets his direction from atop the Ivory Tower and are strapped with the responsibility to get the ground level employees to follow along. When it is normally so damn clear that there hasn't been any ground level assessment or testing of the strategy. Effectively only serving to further demoralize the ground level employees.

If they would ever really come down and try their strategy...not just ask what we think. That never works for two reasons, most dopes are too scared to tell the truth, and most management it too arrogant to listen.

I created this quote, so I'm quoting myself here, if that can be considered a quote, but I have it taped to my monitor now, as if it were a fortune cookie fortune.

"I tell it like it is brother...I speak the truth and seek the highest mount to spread my wisdom..those who are true to themselves will hear my words and heed them..those who want self affirmation to their misguided ways will turn a deaf ear to me and spend eternity in self created darkness, listening to that which does not challenge their beliefs."

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