One Guy Drawing

I'm available to provide cartoons in the formats of gag/panel, strip, book, editorial, greeting card and illustrations.  I've developed a successful following with on time delivery and creative solutions to client's cartoon needs.  I can create illustrations that speak the voice of the client or my voice.  I strive to provide what is needed.

Markets and Clients

Editorial Cartoonist:
Coffee County News, Douglas, GA - Weekly Publication

Regular Contributor  - Gag/Panel/Strip
(all monthly publication)

  • Tobacco Times
  • Piedmont Review
  • Lakeside At Lanier
  • North Georgia Star
  • Golf Atlanta
  • Georgia Fairways 
  • Georgia Golf News
  • Georgia Links
  • Computer Currents
  • Consumer Technologies
  • Atlanta Business Journal

Large Format:

  • On Site Solutions - Life size plywood figures and display
  • Bucher Child’s Bedroom - One full wall
  • Publix Grocery Stores - In store signs for displays - primary skills, illustration, airbrush, handwritten signs

Spot Work/Illustrations:

  • Tribune & Georgian Newspaper
  • Tobacco Times Smoke Off Convention
  • Albany Magazine
  • Penny Pincher
  • Forsyth County News
  • Middle Georgia Parenting
  • Scarlett (Festival Times)
  • North Georgia Star

Greeting Cards:

Book Illustrations:

  • Engineering Management Press - February 1998
  •     - You’re Fired! A guide to rebuilding your life
  • Jacksonville Corvette Club Charity Cookbook

Emerging Market Technologies - Illustration

Other Markets:

  • Forsyth County News - Cumming, GA - Gag/Illustration
  • Gwinnett Daily Post - Georgia - Editorial
  • Hudspeth Report - Gags and Illustrations

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