Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Setting The Record Straight

I feel it is time to re-iterate, or explain the realities of my world and how they intersect with your world.

Why the need to make this explanation?  Well because there seems to be some misconception, or misunderstanding of what you should expect from this blog.  As I spell out in my masthead, what you will get here is, "doodles and thoughts".   The art will not always, and rarely will match the article, they are doodles and the blog post are random thoughts and ideas.  I don't promise finished, print quality, art work.  I don't promise entire completed ready for the printing press articles.   The reason?  Well, quite frankly, I reserve such for people that pay.  That's right pay.  If you want to see finished, colored cartoons or fully edited and spelling/grammar checked articles, it will cost you.  Unless I post something that someone else paid for when my rights allow it.

I'd like to kill that little REDDIT mascot
You see a couple of doodles of that REDDIT mascot.  I
thinking that day about doing something that show him
being killed to post on REDDIT.  I've tried that website and
I might be posting wrong but I've gotten "ZERO" up votes
or comments.  Boon, Cartoons, Cartoonist for Hire
Time is money and if I'm going to spend my time sprucing up a cartoon idea or article idea it will be because I'm being paid to do it.  "But why Boon? Don't you think you'd have better chance to sell more if you showed finished pieces?"  No, not really.  I pretty much believe if someone has any amount of skill as an editor or consumer they will be able to see the potential.  I'm sorry but I don't feel the need to spoon feed.  Also, I really can't afford to give away my time.  See I have four assets in life, TIME, INFORMATION, TALENT and HONESTY, and I'm not about to give them away.  I give away or spec enough of my assets doing what could be considered my "day job".

How does this intersect with your world?  Well much of what I stated is true for your world also.  No denying we share that reality.  You can allocate the use of your TIME anyway you choose.  If you don't want to allocate it to anything but completed, polished and ready for prime time art and articles, then fine.  If you think about that just for a second you'll realize you make that decision when you pay for cable/satellite TV, or buy a magazine or newspaper, or subject yourself to the advertisements on most websites.

Comic strip character doodles, random
I was jotting down ideas for a name for the Test Strip, comic
strip, I've been posting.  Then made one boring doodle that
decided to cuss me out for not showing more creativity.
Boon cartoons, cartoonist for hire.
So I understand when you allocate your TIME to reading and looking at my blog you are giving of yourself, and I thank you.  But remember I'm not asking for anything more than your TIME,what I'm giving you is SOME of my TIME, INFORMATION and TALENT, not ALL of it, just SOME of it, so I consider this an equitable exchange.

Why the need to for this explanation?  Well on occasion I get someone that points out that a drawing isn't just right in some manner, or they can't read the sketchy writing on my sketch pad.  Well duh, it is all just "doodles and thoughts"....not organized, and fussed over.  You are getting a peek into my unwashed world.  Truth without sugar or spit shine.


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