Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Charlie Brown's - It's The Great Pumpkin; A Boomer Favorite, but Antique to Kids Now

Since I don't have a TV guide (I really miss that weekly newspaper insert of my youth, so much easier than the cable provided guide channel, but I digress) I went to Google and searched when the Charlie Brown Halloween special would be on. I found that ABC is going to broadcast it on Halloween night. My first thought and frustration was who is going to be home to watch it? Everyone is out gathering candy and scaring little kids. Then it dawned on me that ABC must either know or feel that the only ones interested in watching the classic Great Pumpkin is adults, older baby boomers who's kids are already moved out. For the kids of today the cartoon is so old school, so 2D, so passive that it is just a boring, quint, antique that falls in the category of old B&W TV shows.

Oh what a shame. I guess I'll have to set the old VCR up to tape it. Just after I figure out how to set the clock on that thing.

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