Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Random Week - Prom, Wrestling, Stress, and Birds?

Well here's a random few pages from this weeks sketch pad.  Truly random mental wondering.   It has been a hard week and I have felt completely out of sync and disorganized.  I've got this incredible urge to just pack my back pack and head into the wilderness for an undetermined amount of time or head to the bar and drink.  Neither of which has been a realistic option.  My oldest is attending his first Prom this weekend, and my youngest was going to be wrestling. So my weekend was planned, and my wife has been consumed so escaping to the bottom of a pint glass during the week was not a smart husband thing to do.

To the former, part of the comment, "first Prom", he is only a junior and around here it is Jr/Sr prom.  Where I grew up it was only a Senior prom.  God forbid kids wait or be denied.  Everyone has to do more than the last generation.  Have you seen all the crazy, over the top ways guys are getting dates to prom.  Really, whatever happen to just asking at the locker between classes.  My son went to the effort to lay out old dip cans (Copenhagen, yea he dips, he is far from a redneck, mostly a prep, we figure he could be doing worse things) to spell P-R-O-M-? on our patio with tea light candles each can.  He had his brother light them before the prospective date was presented with the display.  She'd already committed to coming back from college to attend, so it was all a moot exercise.  But it was something to post on FB, Twitter and Pintrest.

To the latter part of the comment, "was going to be wrestling", the tournament closed out before I could sign him up.  My bad.  So nothing to do during the day.  I think I finish my latest cartooning job and put it to bed. I'll post that after it publishes.

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