Friday, May 10, 2013

120 Hours in a Work Week, 60 of Them Just Frustrating, a Few Highlights

Many times this week I found myself groaning out this one long song, "AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!"

Only a few highlights in the whole week. 

I cut time out to create a drawing to include in a birthday acknowledgement email for clients.  It can be seen under the Illustration Tab.   That was fun.  I opted to use a dip pen, and I really like the effect.  Next week I'll knock out a newspaper assignment that is coming due and after it appears in print I'll post it up here.  The birthday illustration was posted up on several LinkedIn and Facebook pages which drove more traffic to the Blog site.  Still working to increase the weekly views.  So please share with your friends if you enjoy.

I think I've mentioned this in the past, we foster kittens for the local humane society.  We got 5 males about two weeks ago, all ginger in coloring, and some hints of Persian, Siamese   Normally, I've not been bothered by any of the kittens, but his batch I seem to be allergic to, so I've had some days of being stuffed up and just a bit short of breath (almost asthmatic).  Throw on top of that a cold my son brought home from Prom and it has been a wonderful snotty week.  The kitten are lots of fun though.  

We are down to one kitten as of today.  My wife is really good about finding "Forever Homes", and I think in general our family is pretty darn good at socializing the kittens to be loving, purring, cute, balls of fur.  You just can't resist them.

Finally, I heard something on NPR the other day regarding the three girls in Cleveland, Ohio, who escaped their kidnapper after 10 years, that put a smile on my face, besides the girls triumphant survival.  It was a mere mention and not really elaborated upon, but it was a gem in the rough.  Evidently, the mother of Amanda Berry was very much out there leaning on the press and authorities to not give up on the search for her daughter.  She eventually made an appearance on the Montel Williams show in 2003, where a famous "psychic" pronounced the daughter dead and she would be reunited in heaven.  I read the original account of this from 2003, now there are current links all over the web regarding this WRONG vision.  Just Google Amanda Berry Montel Williams.  The fact that one of these charlatans can be unmasked is what put a smile on my face.

Have a great weekend.  Thanks for dropping by my little corner of the internet. Hope to see you here later.

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