Friday, April 12, 2013

Don't Ever Tell Your Wife She Is Getting Fat.

1st Panel: Husband: I'm gonna get you up in the morning for a walk.
Wife: Why?

2nd Panel: Husband: If you don't get some exercise you're gonna keep getting fat.

3rd Panel: Husband: Well that's some kind of gratitude.  
(also considered "Give me a second to rephrase that.")

I made this quick doodle the other day then I wasted many hours trying to pull into Photoshop and manipulate it  My thought was I'd change it to non-photo blue and ink it, or ink it in PS.  Ah, not so much.  Trying to ink in PS is still a coordination issue, hand - eye and lack of practice.  The non photo blue idea, although may work but it was a hassle cause I can't print out to a format larger than a piece of copy paper.

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