Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patricks Day and Pi Day Holiday Nirvana

Yesterday was Pi Day.  Why?  It was March 14th, or otherwise written 3.14, the number Pi to the first two digits.  I can only remember the first two also as I'm not some sort of math savant.  I was actually a little excited for Pi Day. For the last several years I've shared the holiday with my my kids and wife, and have managed to buy a pie each year to commemorate the day.  Now that's a holiday in my opinion.  Stress free, cheap expression of something fun.

St. Patrick's is another one of those stress free, cheap (if you don't blow a week's pay at the pub).  No cards required, no decorations, no real planning, except to have some item of green clothing clean that day.  Just celebrate it with some beer and corned beef brisket.

I used to really like the 4th of July, but it is beginning to slide to the list of the pain in the ass holidays.  It is starting to take too much planning, money, and expectation of happiness fulfillment.   All that contributes to the pushing it away from nirvana.  The stress level, monetary commitment, and potential for post holiday disappointment because it didn't live up to all the pre-holiday hype.  What holidays come to mind that match these non-nirvana holiday criteria, in order of biggest offenders, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years Eve, Valentine's, Mother's and Father's day.   All of these holidays have been forever ruined by regular and systematic attempts at one-ups-manship.  I can't even get excited about them any longer.

For me excitement comes from low prep, low cash, low expectations and that is why Pi Day and St. Patrick's are my candidates for holiday nirvana.  Although if we don't watch out St. Pats will start going the way of Independence day.  So no planning, just do it.

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