Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh, Yea..Here Comes Mister Depressed

Like a dark cloud hanging over me.  This whole week, hell these past two weeks, just are for shit.  The reasons are the same as normal and throw in a dash of being sick and bam you've got shit.

Look, I can appreciate you don't need me gripping in your ear.  Well enough, stop ready then.  This is my blog and my therapy.  I thought things were improving, then things didn't come together like I expected and life just tripped and is trying to regain its footing.  I'm sick and tired of everything not coming together in one long consistent manner.  These ups and downs are killing me.

When I get off track, then every things seems to be thrown off track. I find it real hard to pretend life is grand in other parts of my life when one is a complete whirlwind of chaos.  Hell look at these drawings from the last few days.  They suck so much I almost decided to just hang up the old dream.  Fortunately I looked back at some past work and confirmed I can draw and can be funny and talked myself into believing things will be okay.  Just wish it wouldn't wait too long to be okay.

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