Monday, November 12, 2012

I Thought I Had A Stroke

I think I've isolated the issue, and recognize my true self.  I took an old finished strip and printed it out real light.  I wanted to trace over it with the quill to see if I could, and what it looked like.  I like the effect, but I don't draw that small when I do a strip.
 So I tried again full size and this is the crap I created.

Out of frustration I scratched out a couple of quickie sketches and inked them with the Penstix.  Below.

So what do I think the problem is...Well when I'm inking in I'm following very in exact lines.  Effectively I'm drawing as I go and using the sketch as a guide.  I sketch somewhat free handed to try to get the feel of the lay out and look I want.  When I ink with the quill I can freely draw.  Again I'm a pusher not puller and that inhibits my smoothness.  Also, maybe, it is just a bit of size, and need for larger nib size.

But I was getting real depressed that I'd had some brain stroke and lost my ability to draw.  Doing the Penstix drawings again reassured me I'm not a stroke victim.  

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