Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drinking on the Job Increases Creativity

There are just some days where a good stiff belt is needed. One of the benefits of working at home, you don't have to hide the bottle in your desk drawer (unless you work in an office like those guys from MadMen who keep their decanters out). And think how productive it is, you don't have to leave the office for a bar, it is cheaper and could even help with overcoming any anxieties you have about doing something. Creativity always seems to increase also.

This didn't start out to be a strip. It started out with me narrowing the drawing field to shorter heights, to force me to draw to a better scale. Then I drew our intrepid hero, Earl?, making his way through the house in his usual way...nothing particularly in mind. Then drew the pencil pal, looking at his watch, then the alien looking at his watch. They sat there for a day and some reason I felt compelled to add text, which lead to having to come up with something marginally humorous. And Wah-Lah, a strip appeared. The colors are meaningless...It was supposed to be scanned in BW, but since I doodle in blue, the scanner was not picking up the blue with the darker tone, so I scanned in color.

This poor sap can't help but catch grief about his early morning adrenaline boast.

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